Best PUBG settings for console

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Image via PUBG Corp.

Understanding your settings is essential if you’re a competitive player. In PUBG, the right configurations can make it easier to spot enemies and net you more chicken dinners in the long run.

When you first open your settings, the number of options may overwhelm you, but only a handful are important enough to affect your gaming experience. Though PUBG’s console settings don’t give the same freedom that PC settings offer, you can still change the way you play the game by adjusting your controller settings and changing how you interact with the game.

The following settings are optimized for the best gameplay. But remember, you can only make them better by making your own adjustments and personalizing them. If a setting isn’t mentioned in this article, it’s best not to mess with it or it may entirely be up to your personal preference.

Here are the best settings for PUBG on console.

Controller settings

Image via PUBG Corp.
  • Controller Button Preset: Type B
    • Most pros and players in the community prefer this button layout since it allows you to aim down sights by holding L2. The whole preset also resembles the default controls of the Call of Duty series.
  • X and Y-Axis: Disable
    • Though most experienced players prefer to keep their axis settings disabled, enabling them may feel more natural if you’re an old school console player.
  • Left and Right Stick Dead Zone: 10 to 20 
    • The dead zone setting should be the same for each stick. It adjusts the sensitivity of your sticks to movement. Lower values will register even the slightest movements. If you have a steady aim, setting it lower than 10 may give you more of an advantage. Don’t hesitate to try out higher values if you don’t trust your aim, though.
  • Vibration: Off
    • Having vibration on may make your camera move if you also have a low dead zone setting.
  • Forward Running: 10
    • This setting allows you to run in a straight line more consistently.
  • Movement Sensitivity: Eight to 20
    • A lower movement sensitivity will allow you to move quickly. If you start walking past doors and windows consistently, try out higher settings.
  • Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier: 75 to 100
    • If you play with low horizontal sensitivity, you can lower your vertical sensitivity as well.
  • General Sensitivity: 18
    • This setting applies to free look and camera. A higher volume should help you survey your surroundings faster.
  • Vehicle Driver Sensitivity: 10
    • If you play with high sensitivity, keeping your vehicle settings low is a good idea to keep your eyes on the road.
  • Aim Acceleration: On-4
    • Aim acceleration comes in handy in close-quarters combat by letting you turn around faster.

Aim down sights settings

Aim down sights settings heavily depend on your other sensitivity. For anyone who’s going to be taking our recommended settings for a spin, the following ADS values are nice compliments.

  • Holo/Red Dot Sensitivity: 3
  • 2X Scope Sensitivity: 3
  • 3X Scope Sensitivity: 3
  • 4X Scope Sensitivity: 4
  • 6X Scope Sensitivity: 5
  • 8X Scope Sensitivity: 6
  • 15X Scope Sensitivity: 8

Gameplay settings

Image via BGS
  • Cross-Platform Play: On
    • PUBG only supports cross-platform gameplay between Xbox and PS4 users right now, so turning it on can reduce your matchmaking wait time by a nice margin. 
  • Game DVR: Off unless you want to record your kills to share with your friends.
  • Kill Feed Type: Graphic
    • Graphic kill feed frees up your display by taking significantly less space on your screen.
  • Color Blind Mode: Normal
    • Unlike Fortnite, color-blind options don’t help you locate enemies by making them more apparent. Setting it to normal is the way-to go, unless you’re actually colorblind.
  • Crosshair Color: Pink
    • Any high contrast color should also be fine.
  • On-Screen Button Hints: Disabled
  • Network Debug Statistics: Disabled
    • Having all hints and statistics disabled will let you have more screen space.
  • Compass Background: Disabled
  • Default Firing Mode: Auto
  • Auto Reload: On
    • Auto reload ends the suffering of holding down the reload button during the reloading by allowing you to just tap once.
  • Auto Equip Attachments: Enabled
  • Auto Equip Scopes: Enabled
  • Auto Replace Attachments: Off
    • Though equipping attachments automatically reduces your loot time, replacing them without consideration may disrupt your fully kitted M416 before a skirmish. 

Audio settings

Though the audio settings of PUBG are limited, you can customize them even further if you have a headset with a sound mixer. Lowering bass levels while increasing high tones and treble is often recommended to hear footsteps better.

  • Master Volume: 100
  • Gameplay Volume: 100
  • UI Volume: 10
  • Music: Disabled

Graphics settings

PUBG runs with a locked frames-per-second of 30 on PS4 and Xbox, so any graphical changes you’ll make won’t give you extra frames. Customizing them can still help you spot enemies faster and give you an advantage, though.

  • Field of View: 95 to 98
    • On PC, a higher Field-of-View setting is always better. On consoles, however, the setting enters a point of diminishing returns after 92 and stops increasing your peripheral view. Setting it to lower values if you’re playing on a monitor can also make your targets slightly larger and easier to aim at.
  • Brightness: Normal or higher.
    • Be sure to also tinker around with your display’s brightness and contrast settings to find a good balance.
  • Universal Brightness for All Maps: Disabled
    • We recommend customizing your brightness settings for each map since all of them have different lighting and color range. 

Mouse and keyboard settings

Though both PS4 and Xbox support mouse and keyboard inputs, PUBG doesn’t officially support playing with peripherals other than a controller.

If you’re an old-school PC gamer or just can’t aim with a controller, you can opt to use a keyboard and mouse adapter. These adapters translate your keyboard and mouse inputs as if they were coming from a controller and allow you to play with your beloved peripherals.

Most adapters come preloaded with configs and settings, but some may need further configurations. If you’re planning to use one, we recommend setting your in-game dead zone settings to the lowest available option.

Setting your mouse’s DPI value to around 10,000 to 15,000 will also help you in the long run since you’ll only need to tweak the in-game sensitivity options instead of messing with your mouse again.

Lastly, keeping your Polling Rate at 1,000 Hz will help you reduce any latency. If you feel any stutters during gameplay, you can also lower it down to 500 Hz.