Best Mouse Pad with Wrist Support for Gaming

Wrist rest bliss.

Image: Razer

Picking the right mousepad hinges on various factors, there is no one size fits all. A quality mouse pad is key in offering enhanced tracking precision, comfort, and longevity. Mousepads with wrist rest support go all-in with ergonomics, ensuring users can play extended sessions without experiencing arm, hand, or wrist pain.

For gamers, high-quality, large surfaces are the way to go. Meaning, that no matter the sensitivity, each stroke of the mouse feels accurate and in control, without the pad slipping or losing performance over time. The majority of mouse pads with wrist rest support are typically traditionally sized, though, due to the difficulty of constructing bigger wrist padding as the mousepad scales in size.

The best mousepads with wrist support share key characteristics: build quality, materials, ergonomics, customization options, and surface performance—things like glide, noise, and tracking. The main takeaway is going with a mousepad that aligns with your personal needs and preferences and eliminates the pain that can occur from insufficient support.

Gimars Smooth Memory Foam Mouse Pad Wrist Rest

Image: Gimars

Cushioned wrist support paired with larger mouse pads isn’t a common sight. However, that’s exactly what Gimars offers in their memory foam ergonomic mouse pad.

Breathable lycra fabric provides smooth and accurate mouse tracking, a rubber base keeps the pad secure to the desk, and a super-comfortable memory foam wrist rest promotes extended sessions without the concern of hand and wrist fatigue, which can lead to more serious medical issues.

If you’re glued to your computer because of your profession, investing in this type of mousepad can deter hand and wrist issues popping up down the road. Whether you’re in the office, gaming, or browsing late at night—Gimars Smooth Memory Foam Mouse Pad keeps you in the game. Measuring 11″ by 8.26″, you’re picking up a mouse pad about the size as a standard-sized piece of paper. The larger size is ideal for users with big hands or those who prefer lower sensitivity. As far as customization goes, choose between 10 different colors and designs, ranging from hot pink to jet black. For about $10, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper investment with solid ergonomic support.

Razer Ergonomic Mouse Rest

Image: Razer

Already have a favorite mousepad, but lacking wrist rest support? Razer has you covered, thanks to their ergonomic wrist rest support that easily pairs with any mousepad with ease, simply position it exactly how you desire.

The memory foam cushion is wrapped in a special plush leatherette cushion material, aimed to reduce wrist strain during extended gaming sessions. Interlocked fabric with an anti-fray stitched perimeter ensures longevity and prevents damage even when in contact with liquids. Anti-slip rubber feet ensure the wrist rest stays fixed in one place—especially important because it’s not attached to the mousepad like all the other pads on this list.

For complete versatility and ergonomic support that’s sure to keep you going and going, the Razer Ergonomic Mouse Rest is the tool for the job, coming in at a $10 price point that won’t break the bank.

ENHANCE XXL Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad


Measuring 31.5″ by 13.78″, there’s more than enough space for your gaming mouse, keyboard, and both wrists to sit comfortably in the ENHANCE XXL Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad.

One-inch memory foam padding spanning across the bottom part of the mousepad provides wrist support for both typing and using a mouse simultaneously, offering multiple functions and full-time comfort. Anti-fray stitched edges prevent unsightly seams, curled edges, and daily wear and tear. The backside is covered in a textured material that holds secure and stable, no matter what surface the mousepad is placed on (wood, glass, metal, plastic, and other surfaces are no problem). There’s also a three-year manufacturer’s warranty which is always nice to see.

If your work area or home office tends to get warm, the memory foam may be susceptible to sweat from prolonged usage, resulting in frequent wiping of your wrists and arms.

If you’re not keen on the XXL size, there’s a standard-sized option that measures 14″ by 12.5″—a significant downsize in scale.

Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad

Image: Kensington

There’s something incredibly satisfying about pushing a gel cushion with your finger. Feel free to do that every time you hop onto your rig with the Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad.

The elastic, colorful gel pillow is ergonomically designed to match the shape of your hand and wrist, providing ample support and preventing wrist pain. The design of the gel pillow is interesting; the sides are the highest points, concaving inwards as you move towards the middle of the gel pillow. This is so that your wrist remains stationary, preventing it from shifting side to side during operation. However, some users might dislike the potential wrist and forearm restriction, especially those who are quite animated while tracking their mouse across the screen. There’s a ventilation channel running across the gel pillow, which prevents sweat build-up from contact areas. After hours of intense and sweaty gameplay, this design feature is a welcome sight.

A rubber base keeps the pad in place and the vinyl surface makes for an easy to clean surface. Measuring 7.6″ by 9.6″, the Kensington Duo Gel Mouse Pad shouldn’t have any issue slotting into most setups. Gamers with lower sensitivities might want to look elsewhere for a larger-sized pad or consider bumping up their mouse sensitivity.

ITNRSIIET Ergonomic Mouse Pad

Image: Amazon

Ergonomics meets endless design styling options in the ITNRSIIET Ergonomic Mouse Pad.

Soft, gel-filled memory foam cushion reinforces natural hand positioning, promoting maximum comfort to deter wrist irritation and pain. Textured, high-quality lycra cloth makes up the entirety of the surface, ensuring accurate mouse control and pinpoint precision. The soft non-skid PC base grips the undersurface firmly, preventing sliding of any sort, allowing users to freely glide their mouse across the pad without interruption. Measuring 8.7″ by 7.2″, the sizing is on the smaller side, easily fitting any mouse with ease but there’s not a ton of play for vast mouse swipes, which can easily result in running out of mousepad. Larger options would have been a welcome sight, although over 30 customization options make up for that. Choose between patterns like classic black, cactus-themed, elephant-themed, colorful marble, and lots more. There’s a look for everyone.

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