Best Greedent build in Pokémon UNITE | Best held items, battle items, and moves

Berries, belching, and belly-aching.

Images via The Pokémon Company

Greedent has joined the battle as the latest Pokémon added to the Pokémon UNITE roster, and it is arguably the most confusing Pokémon to describe in relation to a role or playstyle. 

While it is listed as a Melee Defender, Greedent oddly plays more like an All-Rounder that has a specific focus on staying alive and dealing damage, making it flexible in three different roles when you factor in its healing capabilities as support. 

Greedent’s flexibility allows it to fill almost any role, meaning it can lane and roam as it pleases to great effect. And, unlike many other Pokémon, the aptly named Greedy Pokémon’s moves can feed into each other and blow your opponents away when utilized properly. 

It will take some time to learn how to optimally play Greedent, but you can grab his Unite License for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems and get to practicing right away. So if you want to start munching on Berries and running laps around your confused enemies, here is a good starting build for you to use without getting too greedy… unless you really want to. 


Held Items

Buddy Barrier

When playing as Greedent, one of your main goals is going to be living for a very long time. This could easily translate into using multiple Unite Moves in tense teamfights, and a Buddy Barrier will help you better support your team and potentially swing a game by keeping one of your squishier teammates alive just a little bit longer. 

Score Shield

This is one of those greedy, but universally useful items for any player—especially if you aren’t playing together with players you feel you can trust. Using a Score Shield will let you put your points in more easily, potentially freeing up space for struggling teammates and dominating a lane even under duress. 

Focus Band/Attack Weight/Muscle Band

This is the flex pick for Greedent players and can help you as you slowly find a preferred playstyle. Focus Band will help your defenses and let you recover HP when it is low, the Attack Weight gives you a permanent Attack boost when you score, and the Muscle Band will boost Basic Attacks. Your move. 

Battle Items

Eject Button

New Pokémon, same old Battle Item. The Eject Button just provides too much utility to pass up when looking at general movement and the potential ways you can get in and out of a situation that might have previously been negative for you. If you want to get spicy, though, the Fluffy Tail or Full Heal can work well too. 


Level one: Tackle

Surprise, surprise. With Greedent you want to go with the more reliable offensive option when running to your lane. Though don’t worry, you will get access to Defense Curl shortly after as long as you can farm. 

Level five: Stuff Cheeks/Covet

This selection will heavily depend on your playstyle or preference since both Stuff Cheeks and Covet are viable moves. 

Stuff Cheeks is situational but lets the user drop multiple Berries on the ground that can be eaten to recover HP. Any HP you recover that would exceed your max HP will be converted to a shield. However, your opponents can also eat these Berries. 

Covet is the more reliable move and will likely be the most popular pick, considering it does a lot of damage and displaces the target. While running, the Greedent will also drop Berries, and if eaten, movement speed is increased for a short time. The more Berries the user eats, the faster they can go. 

Additionally, you can use Belch or Bullet Seed while running, making a good combo to chase down or dissuade a pursuing enemy. 

Upgrade (Level 11): Increases the number of Berries the user drops OR Increases damage dealt by this move and the frequency at which Berries drop.

Level Seven: Belch

Bullet Seed is a little unreliable, which leaves Belch as the best choice for Greedent players to deal potentially devastating amounts of burst damage. 

Normally, it will deal damage in a direct area of effect and decrease any impacted opposing Pokémon’s movement speed for a short time. However, the more Berries you have stored up in your tail, the more damage it will deal since it will consume them all immediately. It will also decrease cooldown. 

Upgrade (Level 13): Increases damage dealt by this move.

Level Nine: Berry Belly Flop

Greedent not only restores its own HP with a Berry, but it will also flop into a designated area and deal some solid damage while throwing opponents out of the way. 

This also turns Greedent into an absolute damage machine, since it can store unlimited Berries for a short time, increasing the output of Belch while also resetting move cooldowns.