Best Gardevoir build in Pokémon UNITE

Get ready to deal with tons of additional effects.

TiMi Studio has released the first post-launch character for Pokémon UNITE, the Psychic/Fairy-type Gardevoir, just one week after the game’s release. 

Classified as a Ranged Attacker, Gardevoir is a glass cannon, capable of taking down even the bulkiest of Pokémon with a set of moves that deal a lot of damage and apply secondary effects that benefit yourself and your team. 

However, you will always need to be wary of roaming threats like Zeraora, Gengar, and Absol. Despite her damage output, Gardevoir is not built to sustain in one on one situations against Pokémon capable of large amounts of burst damage. Pairing the Psychic-type with a strong Defender or Supporter is your best bet to dominate the lanes. 

You can grab Gardevoir’s Unite License from the Unite Battle Commission for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. And, if you need a build to get started, here is one that can get you rolling early. 


Held Items

Wise Glasses

Special attacker, meet Special Attack boosting item. Not much needs to be said beyond that. 

Shell Bell

If you plan on trying to survive against the potential burst damage of some roaming threats, using the Shell Bell to top off your HP while clearing out a lane is a nice option. You also get a Special Attack boost and move cooldown reduction too. 

Sp. Atk Specs

You can probably swap this out for a Float Stone if you want some extra movement speed, but having an additional boost to your base Special Attack after scoring a goal is well worth the conditional nature of the item. 

Battle Items

Eject Button

Like most offensive Pokémon, Gardevoir is frail and will need to get out of sticky situations using the Eject Button once Teleport has been upgraded to a new move. Unless you just really feel the need to have X Attack equipped, there isn’t much else to detract from using the staple equipment of the game. 


Level one: Confusion

As always, you want to go with the attacking option that will help you clear wild Pokémon easier at the start of every battle. Confusion can do a lot of damage and, when paired with Teleport’s Basic Attack boost, Gardevoir can provide a good early burst of damage. 

Level six: Psyshock

Psyshock does multiple hits worth of heavy damage as a strong multi-attack. It has an 11-second cooldown, so you will need to use it wisely when engaging enemy Pokémon, but it can potentially swing a fight if you land all three hits on a single opponent.

However, if you plan on going with Moonblast, you should absolutely pick Future Sight. The combination of stun and delayed damage with instant cooldown upon impact is way too good to pass up.

Upgrade (Level 13): Also increases the damage this move deals each time one of its attacks hits

Level eight: Psychic/Moonblast

Gardevoir has some really good upgraded moves for Confusion, with both Psychic and Moonblast being fantastic options that can give your team an edge in teamfights or just deal some nice damage with good secondary effects. 

Psychic creates an AoE zone that deals damage and slows Pokémon after hitting an enemy or traveling its maximum distance. Moonblast is a little more direct, with Gardevoir moving back and firing a blast that, if it hits, will deal damage in a cone shape that leaves the Pokémon stunned. 

Upgrade (Level 11): 

  • Psychic: Reduces the moves cooldown
  • Moonblast: Also grants the user a shield when this move is used

Level nine: Fairy Singularity

Time to put your enemies into a Black Hole. Gardevoir’s Unite Move draws in opposing Pokémon, displacing them and dealing damage once the warped space disappears. This is perfect for initiating a teamfight, cleaning up weakened groups of enemies, and much more. 

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