Best Blissey build in Pokémon UNITE

Throw eggs and ensure your opponents won't have a good time.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Blissey is just the second post-launch character added to Pokémon UNITE, and brings the fourth Supporter to the roster.

The Normal-type is a nice mix of the other Supporter Pokémon that were already featured in the game, combining high endurance and support stats while sacrificing some mobility. This is in line with how Blissey works in the main series Pokémon games and works well with how the Happiness Pokémon plays.

Along with being a new Supporter, Blissey is also just the second Pokémon focused on healing and boosting allies, using its moves to act as ranged support or actively increase the stats of teammates. Because it is even more geared towards being a pure support character, Blissey’s moveset won’t be easy to master.

You will need to believe in your teammates and find the right laning combination to run with, but once you get into late-game teamfights, Blissey can be a monster. 

Blissey is available now in the Unite Battle Commission shop for 8,000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems. And if you plan on going hard support, here is the best build you can default to for Blissey while you get a feel for the healer. 


Held Items

Exp. Share

Blissey is a defensive beast that scales well in the late game. But early game is a struggle, especially since you are likely going to be focused on staying back and healing rather than trying to grind XP if your team is organized. This will let you gain XP passively while allowing your teammates to get levels faster too. 

Score Shield

One of Blissey’s biggest downsides is its terrible mobility and poor scoring prowess, which could lead to you having a lot of points stored up and no way to get in safely to dunk them. Since Blissey has so much HP, the Score Shield will give it a massive shield to tank hits and let you score points easily, while also potentially tanking hits for your teammates too. 

Buddy Barrier

Similar to the Score Shield, the Buddy Barrier is really useful in key teamfights or when trying to put pressure on opponents. It will provide a nearby ally with the lowest HP a shield when you use a Unite Move, and it also gives the user 600 additional HP as a bonus.

Alternatively, you could run Energy Amplifier or Rocky Helmet depending on your role within the team and favorite playstyle. 

Battle Items

Eject Button

Blissey is terribly slow, so the tried and true Eject Button lets you blink away to safety or potentially get closer to teammates in order to save them with your health-restoring eggs. 


Level One: Pound

You will quickly discover that Chansey is not good and both Pound and Heal Pulse are not going to be your friends. Just take the damaging move and try to support your team as best you can until you evolve to Blissey and can pick up the better moves. 

Level Four: Egg Bomb

AoE damage and displacement is a really good combo, especially since you will likely be getting Egg Bomb right as your team starts engaging the enemy in proper fights. Using it to control and zone your opponents is useful, and the extra damage is nice, especially once you upgrade and start applying the slowing effects. 

If you have some really good teammates and feel like you need to do basically no damage, Helping Hand is also a solid option since it increases the user’s and nearby ally Pokémon’s movement speed and basic attack speed, along with making them boosted attacks too.

Upgrade (Level 10): Also decreases the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short time when they are thrown by this move.

Level Six: Soft-Boiled

Having three eggs to toss out that heal a nearby teammate and yourself is fantastic, especially since you can bank them, and they individually recharge over time. It will be your primary healing option, and, despite Safeguard providing immunity to status conditions and other hindrances, your main goal is to heal your allies. 

Upgrade (Level 12): Increases the maximum number of uses that can be kept in reserve for this move.

Level Eight: Bliss Assistance

Blissey’s Unite move is extremely powerful, letting the Supporter dash to a nearby teammate nearly instantly, giving them a shield and increasing their Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time. During that period, Blissey will also take a portion of damage instead of the supported Pokémon and displace enemies with its body too. 

This ability alone can swing a teamfight, and Blissey can still use its other moves too, which means healing other teammates and dealing damage on its own are also on the table.