Best Adjustable Standing Desks

The ups and downs of working for hours on end.

Fezibo Standing Desk
Image: Fezibo

Sitting at a desk for hours on end can be unhealthy, and the American Journal of Public Health estimates that it can increase the chances of chronic disease by around 10 to 15%. If you sit at a desk for long stretches without taking a break, your metabolism slows down due to inactivity, and it can even affect posture, leading to neck or wrist pain.

A standing desk is a practical alternative for people who spend lots of time at their desks because it allows them to stretch and burn more calories. Most standing desks are height-adjustable, so you can sit in comfort when you feel like it, then stand a stretch when you want to.

Best overall Standing desk

FEZIBO 63-Inch Electric Standing Desk

Image: Fezibo via Amazon

The Fezibo 63-Inch Electric Standing Desk tops this list because it offers ample workspace and packed with convenience features. At 63 by 24 inches (1.6 by .6 meters), there’s more than enough space to work, and users can store their mouse and keyboard on the retractable tray, so they’re out of the way when they aren’t in use.

It’s easy to adjust the desk up and down because it has a dual-motor system with three adjustable height settings, ranging from 27.36 to 46.04 inches (69.40 to 116.94 centimeters). The lift system is also solid and can handle heavy PCs and other equipment up to 176 pounds (79.83 kg).

One of the best things about the Fezibo Standing Desk is its extra features, like the pair of desk hooks that can be used to hang headsets or bags. There’s also a cable management rack under the desk to hide cables for a cleaner setup.

At $409.99, the Fezibo Standing Desk is reasonably priced and has enough space for most users. It’s also easy to adjust thanks to its electric systems, and its high weight capacity should accommodate most builds.

Best Gaming standing desk

Thermaltake Level 20 Gt Battlestation

Image: Thermaltake

Thermaltake’s Level 20 Gt Battlestation keeps things simple with an all-black design and manual adjustability. Instead of an electric system like the Fezibo desk, it has a manual adjustment system. Users must turn the knobs on either side to adjust the table’s height between 28.9.4 and 40.7 inches (73.5 and 103.5 centimeters).

This desk makes up for its manual system by having a mouse pad surface covering the entire 59 by 27.5 inches (150 by 70 centimeters) surface area. The built-in mousepad has a non-slip rubber base and should allow gaming mice to glide across it without significant friction.

Another strong point of the Level 20 Gt Battlestation is its sturdy construction. It’s made from steel with a weight capacity of 220 pounds (100kg), that’s much higher than the Fezibo desk.

The Level 20 Gt Battlestation is a basic standing desk with no electrical components or motors that can get damaged or malfunction. At $399, it’s marginally cheaper than the Fezibo alternative, has a larger weight capacity and an integrated mousepad.

Best High-end standing desk

FENSMITH L Shaped Standing Desk 

Image: Fensmith via Amazon

The Fensmith L Shaped Standing Desk is for buyers who need as much space as possible and don’t mind paying for the best. Its L-shape differentiates it from the other desks on this list and creates more space for monitors, cases, and other equipment, and it has a massive surface area of 70.8 by 35.4 by 29.5 inches ( 179.83 by 89.91 by 74.93 centimeters). Its huge weight capacity of 330 pounds (150 kg) is the highest on this list and is more than enough for large setups.

Despite its L-shaped design, the Fensmith desk still features an electronic height adjustment mechanism with four settings ranging between 23.82 to 43.91 inches ( 60.5 by 111.5 centimeters).

Like the Fezibo option, there’s a host of included accessories. Desk buyers get a phone stand, a coaster, and a pad when they purchase the Fensmith.

This desk has a big enough surface area for multi-monitor setups, and it’s electronically adjustable. On the other hand, its $800 asking price is around double the price of the alternatives, putting it out of reach for most buyers.

Best mid-range standing desk

OUTFINE Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Image: Outfine

Buyers looking for a more practical option can check out the Outfine Height Adjustable Standing Desk. Like the Level 20 Gt Battlestation, it comes in an all-black design, but it cuts out the mousepad surface and adds a cupholder and a headset hook.

Another major difference is the electric height-adjustment mechanism with three memory settings ranging between 27.6 and 47.3 inches. ( 70 and 120 centimeters). It has a slightly larger surface area of 63 by 24 inches ( 160 by 61) centimeters, but its weight capacity is lower at 180 pounds (82kg).

One of the unique features of the Outfine desk is the anti-collision technology that stops the motor from working if something bumps the desk while it’s active. The feature prevents damage to the desk and increases safety for the user.

With a mid-range price tag of $499.99, the Outfine desk is cheaper than the Fensmith option but more expensive than the offerings from Thermaltake and Fezibo. It’s worthwhile for users who want a solid standing desk with ample space as well as a couple of add-ons like the cup holder and headset stand.

Best Value standing desk

Farini Electric Standing Desk

Image: Farini

The Farini Electric Standing Desk costs less than any of the alternatives on this list, but it’s also slightly smaller. Its surface area measures 47.20 by 23.6 inches ( 120 by 60 centimeters), but its weight capacity can match the larger Level 20 Gt Battlestation at 220 pounds (100 kg)

The Farini desk has electric adjustability with three presets and motors in both legs. Users can use the digital interface to raise and lower the desk between 27.7 and 49.9 inches (70 and 128 centimeters) depending on whether they want to sit or stand while they work.

Compared to the other desks mentioned so far, the Farini is more suited to smaller offices or homes and has an affordable $269 price tag.

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