Asmongold leads Twitch with personal record viewership in July

And that doesn't include his alternate channel.

Screengrab via Asmongold (YouTube)

Asmongold’s popularity on Twitch among MMO fans is undisputed. But last month, he took his clout to a new level by leading all personalities on Twitch in hours watched.

With 14.6 million hours watched, Asmon edged out popular variety streamer xQc, who recorded 14 million, and in the process, he smashed his personal record for viewership in a month as well, according to stats from SullyGnome.

While Asmongold’s ability to put up strong viewership is well-documented, his performance in July was unprecedented because of how he achieved his success.

The last and only other time Asmongold led Twitch in viewership for a month came in September 2019. His 13.4 million hours watched that month stemmed from the release of World of Warcraft Classic.

While Asmongold’s numbers in July included small amounts of time with the beta for Amazon’s New World closed beta and a weekend testing Ashes of Creation, a majority of his viewership came from him playing content that wasn’t new or WoW.

Early in the month, Asmon began to play Final Fantasy XIV for the first time after years of holding out on fans who begged him to try World of Warcraft’s biggest competition in the MMO genre.

And the response to his foray was palpable.

In his first stream playing the game at the beginning of the month, Asmon eclipsed 200,000 concurrent viewers. Throughout the month, he maintained an average of 95,000 viewers while playing the game over 75 hours of stream time.

Over the course of the entire month, Asmon posted an average of 86,479 viewers in 168 hours of streaming. With 168 hours of streaming on his main channel, he averaged just under 40 hours of airtime per week.

In comparison, xQc’s 14 million hours watched was spread across 235 hours of streaming with an average of 59,526 viewers.

Meanwhile, Asmon’s time playing FFXIV drew so much attention from fans that the game began to hit concurrent player records on Steam that forced the game’s developers to address overpopulation issues.

What’s more astounding about Asmongold’s performance in July is that his main channel that led all of Twitch isn’t the only one he broadcasts on. Asmongold also regularly streams on an alternate channel, Zackrawrr, where he doesn’t partake in the same level of theatrics that he typically does on his main channel.

Instead of loading his content with exaggerated reactions, on his alternate channel, Asmon tones his personality to that of your average, relaxed gamer who might be worn out by a long day of work.

While he doesn’t promote Zackrawrr nearly as much as his main channel, Asmongold’s 93 hours streamed on the channel in July recorded 1.56 million hours watched, on top of the 14.6 million from his main channel.

Though his average viewership on his alternate account was significantly lower than that of his main channel because of how he publicizes it, he averaged 16,724 viewers.

A majority of his alternate channel’s viewership in July came from playing the closed beta for New World. While he gave the game a play session on his main channel, he spent most of his time playing the game on his alternate account, where he streamed it for 53 hours.