Final Fantasy XIV hits concurrent player record on Steam thanks to Asmongold bump

It's ya boy Asmongold.

Screengrab via Asmongold on Twitch

Asmongold’s foray into Final Fantasy XIV over the weekend led to record viewership for the game on Twitch—and that extended to Steam’s numbers as well.

Peaking at just more than 47,000 players on Steam, Final Fantasy XIV hit its all-time high concurrent players peak yesterday while the popular World of Warcraft streamer tried the game out.

Not all players use Steam to access Final Fantasy XIV, though. Many go to the game directly from SQENIX. But comparing the game’s numbers on Steam still has the ability to show meaningful trends.

In the past two days, the game’s numbers on Steam have been pushed at the exact same time that Asmongold has streamed the game on Twitch to the tune of more than 150,000 viewers. 

Prior to this weekend, Asmongold, who’s known for being the most popular MMO streamer on Twitch, had never played FFXIV despite the request of many of his fans.

For comparison, earlier in the week, FFXIV’s numbers on Twitch reached a daily peak of around 30,000 to 34,000 concurrent players on Steam. Over the past two days, Asmongold’s stream has boosted that by about 10,000 players—and that only includes players using Steam.

This isn’t the end for Asmon playing the game, either. At the end of his first FFXIV stream on Saturday, July 3, the streamer promised that he’e play the game through to its end-game content and do it all on stream so that his fans could watch him play through it.

He estimated that it’d take him about a month to clear through the leveling portions of the content. So there’s certainly a lot more where this came from for FFXIV both on Twitch and on Steam.