All new, updated moves for Pokémon Go Battle League Season 8

Lots of changes were made to Poison-type moves for the new season.

Image via Niantic

Niantic always makes some pretty drastic changes to Pokémon Go with each new season of the Go Battle League. With the introduction of GBL Season Eight, multiple moves have been updated, and two new attacks are joining the move pool. 

With these updates, new moves became available for certain Pokémon to learn, while previously available moves are edited to provide better gameplay balance. A few new tricks were tossed in for good measure. 

Season Eight also brings more Special Cups, a top-level Pokémon rotation, and the Pokémon Go debut of Mienfoo. Running until Sept. 1, players can compete in Season Eight, while also claiming rewards from Season Seven. 

So if you plan on taking part in some GBL action, or just want to know what Niantic has updated, here are all the moves that received changes or were added for GBL Season Eight. 

New moves

  • Rock-type Weather Ball: A rock-type variant of the Weather Condition reliant move is now available for Hippowdon and Castform. 
    • It has replaced the Normal-type Weather Ball move, which will be available again at a later date. 
  • Feather Dance: A very technical Flying-type Charge Attack that will decrease an opposing Pokémon’s attack stat and can be learned by Pidgeot.

Updated moves

  • Acid Spray will require less energy to use
  • Poison Jab will deal more damage
  • Poison Sting will generate more energy
  • Cross Poison now deals more damage and has a higher chance to greatly increase the user’s attack stat
  • Poison Fang now has a 100 percent chance to decrease the opposing Pokémon’s defense stat
  • Dragon Tail now deals more damage, but generates less energy
  • Focus Blast no deals more damage overall

Moves available to more Pokémon 

  • Ariados can learn the Bug-type Charge Attack Lunge
  • Nidoqueen and Crobat can learn the Poison-type Charge Attack Poison Fang
  • Crobat can learn the Poison-type Charge Attack Cross Poison