All-female team GODDESS Sirens qualifies for PMPL Western Europe

They dominated in the PMCO France to make it to the Pro League.

Image via PUBG Mobile

An all-female team from France have qualified for the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Western Europe season two.

GODDESS SIRENS, part of Swedish esports organization GODSENT, won the fall split of the Club Open (PMCO) France earlier this week to make it to the Pro League. They will now compete in the second season of the PMPL Western Europe from Oct. 5 to 24 for a share of the prize pool and spots to the PMPL EMEA.

One team from the PMPL Western Europe will directly advance to the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2021. However, GODDESS won’t be able to make it through this path. Points from both seasons of the Pro League this year are considered for deciding the qualifying team, and they hadn’t qualified for the previous season.

The only way to the Global Championship for them is through the PMPL EMEA season two. Top teams from Western Europe will make it to this league. The exact number of teams that will qualify hasn’t been revealed yet.

GODDESS played well to make it to the PMPL Western Europe. In the 16 matches of the PMCO, they placed first on five occasions. In the last three matches of the Club Open, they placed second, first, and first respectively to amass a total of 193 points, 12 ahead of second-placed 5 Threats.

This will come as a relief to the players after they failed to qualify for the previous season of the PMPL. They had placed sixth in the spring split of the Club Open France in February.

GODDESS isn’t the first all-female team to make it to the Pro League. In the PMPL MY/SG season two last year, Powerpuff Girls had qualified for the league through the Singapore Qualifier. They weren’t able to perform well in the Pro League, however, and placed last.

Female representation in PUBG Mobile esports — like the entire industry — is very low. There haven’t been many female players to compete in the highest levels. One notable name is Maureen “Alice” Gabriella, who was a substitute for the 2019 world champions Bigetron Red Aliens. She wasn’t given a chance to play for team, however. Tencent has been organizing “all-ladies” competition for PUBG Mobile in Southeast Asia. But no team or player has emerged from this league to make it to the higher levels yet.