All controller types compatible with MultiVersus

Every platform has options, though some are more reliable than others.

Image via Warner Bros. Games | Remixed by Cale Michael

MultiVersus is a platform fighter that will feature several modern features and mechanics at launch, and this includes nearly universal controller support. 

The type of controllers you can use with MultiVersus will greatly vary depending on which platform you pick the game up for, but you won’t be lacking options if you know what you are doing. 

If you know exactly what controller you want to use with MultiVersus, it makes your platform choice easy—especially since the game is free-to-play with cross-progression on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. However, if you want to test your options, you should probably start on PC. 

Playing MultiVersus on PC, via Steam, will allow you to use PlayStation, Xbox, and most other controller types just by plugging them in or connecting them via Bluetooth. This even extends to controllers like GameCube controllers, though you will need a third-party adaptor to connect it to your PC. You will also likely need to register your GC controller through your Steam settings too, and you might experience some issues depending on your adapter of choice. 

You can use basically any variation of a modern Xbox controller seamlessly with MultiVersus by simply connecting it to your PC too, along with a DualShock 4 or DualSense as long as you have compatible drivers. These typically don’t even require you to sync them with Steam either. 

On Xbox, you will likely be stuck using Microsoft’s Xbox controllers, while PlayStation is the same with Sony’s first-party pads. However, if you have a preferred third-party controller you can likely get it to work on either console depending on the version of the game This also applies to most fightsticks that are labeled as usable for Xbox or PlayStation—along with PC. 

Can you play MultiVersus with a mouse and keyboard? 

While it isn’t the recommended method to play for most fighting games, MultiVersus does offer full functionality for mouse and keyboard as a default option for PC players, via Steam. This will immediately change if you end up connecting a compatible controller that works with your PC and the game, but the game can be fully played with a mouse and keyboard. 

Just like with most fighting games, these controls likely won’t be the best way to experience MultiVersus, as many of the attacks being mapped to single keys while movement is controlled using WASD, by default, will likely lead to less than optimal precision. This works fine for anyone just looking to try the game out or play casually with friends, but if you plan to go online and play a lot, you will likely want to test controllers. 

Just remember, basically every control can be remapped and customized as you please across every compatible controller in the game’s settings, so use that to your advantage when picking a controller too.