All Aeos Gem bundles and costs in Pokémon UNITE

The microtransactions are already live.

Pokémon UNITE
Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon UNITE is now available worldwide for Nintendo Switch, which means players can start to play the game and grinding levels. Because Unite is a free-to-play title, it will incorporate various microtransactions for certain parts of the game. 

Like most FTP games, UNITE is technically classified as “free-to-start,” which is a common term used to describe a game that’s FTP but offers players optional in-game purchases.

For Unite, the in-game purchases will be represented by Aeos Gems, which can be used instead of the game’s free currency to purchase basic things like cosmetic items for playable Pokémon and the player’s trainer character. The main use for these Aeos Gems will be Unite Licenses, or used to unlock various Pokémon to use in matches, or to upgrade the seasonal battle passes. 

Along with earning Aeos Gems through various in-game tasks, players can also purchase them directly through the shop. If you are interested in seeing what bundles are available, here are all of the Aeos Gem offers currently available in UNITE

Aeos Gem bundles

Regular Bundles

  • 60 Aeos Gems: $0.99
    • Also includes 60 bonus Aeos Gems for the first purchase
  • 245 Aeos Gems: $3.99
    • Also includes 245 bonus Aeos Gems for the first purchase
  • 490 Aeos Gems: $7.99
    • Also includes 490 bonus Aeos Gems for the first purchase
  • 1,220 Aeos Gems: $19.99
    • Also includes 1,220 bonus Aeos Gems for the first purchase

Bonus Bundles

  • 2,450 Aeos Gems: $39.99
    • Also includes 290 bonus Aeos Gems
  • 3,050 Aeos Gems: $49.99
    • Also includes 450 bonus Aeos Gems
  • 6,000 Aeos Gems: $99.99
    • Also includes 1,100 bonus Aeos Gems

For comparison, Unite Licenses can cost 345, 460, or 575 Aeos Gems depending on the Pokémon, which means to unlock just one Pokémon, players will need to spend $7.99 if they don’t own them and have already used the First Time purchase bonus.

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