Activision is sending CoD: Mobile season 4’s missed Battle Pass rewards in batches

Activision is compensating players for ending the season four battle pass a day early.

Image via Activision

Activision is sending batches of missed Call of Duty: Mobile‘s season four Battle Pass rewards to all players after the company released the game’s fifth season ahead of schedule.

CoD: Mobile’s season five was expected to begin on June 28 at 7pm CT, but Activision released it a day early. The new date left numerous players unable to make the most out of the season four Battle Pass due to missing the final day. As a result, Activision is sending the next three tiers of rewards to all players. For example, if you were in tier 18, you will receive the rewards for tiers 19, 20, and 21.

If you haven’t received these rewards yet, don’t worry, because Activision is sending them in batches. The company said that the rewards will be coming soon, in a response to a Reddit post in which a player complained about receiving just 100 credits despite being in tier 49.

The company said it will send out the rewards in batches based on their types. Firstly, players will receive credits, while items and CP rewards will come later.

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As you wait for the rewards to arrive, Call of Duty: Mobile’s fifth season is currently underway. It’s called In Deep Water and introduced a new weapon (CR-56 AMAX) and operator skill (K9 unit). The new Aniyah Incursion map is also live in the game.