A Pokémon UNITE bug prevents Gengar from dealing damage with Hex

The developers are working on a fix.

TiMi Studio released the first major balance patch for Pokémon UNITE earlier today, reworking 14 Pokémon on the roster in various ways.

Most of the patch was used to buff certain Pokémon, nerf some highly used and powerful attacks, and fix bugs that have been plaguing the game since launch. But one of the changes actually made one of the most highly used Pokémon entirely unusable. 

Gengar was the bane of every UNITE player’s existence pre-patch, with a Sludge Bomb/Hex combo that could end entire pushes because of the threat it posed. But with the new patch, players were reporting that Hex wasn’t even working half of the time. 

When using Hex, some players would teleport to their target and then deal no damage. Based on the reports, this would happen around 50 percent of the time. And sometimes, the cooldown also wouldn’t be reduced when attacking an opposing Pokémon that was statused. 

Originally, Hex was nerfed, with its damage being decreased and invulnerability frames being reduced. But with this bug, players have been unable to deal any damage, leading to their team being at a huge disadvantage, especially in competitive games. 

TiMi announced that it’s aware of the issues with Hex, though the devs didn’t specify what was wrong with the move. This seems like it will be a trend since the devs also didn’t specify many of the changes being made in the patch and left it up to the community to dig out the specific numbers and finer details. 

As of now, the devs are working on patching out the bugs and “hope to have all issues fixed soon.”