5 Legends of Runeterra characters we want to see in League

Riot Games hinted that characters from LoR might be added to League one day.

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Image via Riot Games

Legends of Runeterra is a fantastic opportunity for Riot Games to flesh out the universe of League of Legends by adding multiple characters, some unseen and others already mentioned in League‘s lore pieces. Announced last October during League‘s 10-year anniversary, the newest Riot Games’ card game open beta was released on Jan. 24.

Can new characters from the card game be added into Riot’s mythic MOBA? Although it didn’t make a promise, the developer didn’t reject this possibility and said that it’d be “really cool.” It’s already done, in a way: Senna, one of the latest League champions, was revealed in both games at the same time.

Although she’s now a League champion, she remains as a follower card in LoR. This example shows that simple characters, contrary to other League champions who are all leader cards, could come to the MOBA without changing status in the card game. Here are which ones we’d love to see in League.

5) Cithria of Cloudfield

Image via Riot Games

Cithria is the most obvious choice to become a League champion. She was the most highlighted character at the game’s announcement, having been featured in one of the game’s image covers. Riot expressed its interest in developing the character’s background, as well as the Demacian lore throughout the card game.

She has two dedicated cards: Cithria of Cloudfield and Cithria the Bold. The first card’s description reads: “Legends, tales—they were never just fiction to me. They were adventure calling my name. I left Cloudfield to discover my own adventure, only to find I would have many. And they’re just beginning.”

Cithria dreams of joining the Dauntless Vanguard, the Demacian elite order. People who join the order swear to protect the region from the foes and threats from the outside. It’s led by Garen, and its enemies include the people’s Shadow Isles. The other card shows her evolution from a rookie to a young soldier, when the joins the order and becomes Cithria the Bold. While her first card only costs one mana, the other one costs six and has an impactful effect.

She’s not unknown from the League lore. Cithria is featured in the short story about Sylas called “Turmoil” and is described as the youngest of the Demacian soldiers. But despite her age, she had proven herself a capable warrior. In the story, she escorts a high-profile representative and prevents an uprising after Sylas’ escape.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see her coming to League over other cards. It’s unclear what her role would be, however, and what mechanics she would use in League. She could be either an AD damage-focused solo laner or an aggressive support with buffing abilities and high mobility. Her ultimate could turn her in a stronger form for a short time, for example.

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4) Tianna Crownguard

Image via Riot Games

Tianna is another LoR character known from the League lore. From Demacia like Cithria, Tianna used to lead the Dauntless Vanguard before being replaced by Garen and served as part of Jarvan III’s personal guard. She is the aunt of Garen and Lux.

Many players were delighted to see her in LoR, because she’s already been seen a first time in Lux comics. In the story, she reveals to Garen that Jarvan IV seeks a wife that could become Lux. This union would protect her from being chased for her magic use. Her affiliation to other League characters could offer interesting interactions in-game.

Tianna is described as a strong-minded character. Besides, her mechanics are quite aggressive in LoR—when played, she gives an attack token (rally) and a buff (tough). If she was bound to join the League, she would be an all-in type of character, but the risk would be to give her mechanics too similar to Kayle or Leona. Being a mage-seeker, she also could get unique abilities to counter mage champions.

3) Kato and Shiraza

Image via Riot Games

In LoR, Kato and Shiraza are two linked cards: Kato the Arm and Shiraza the Blade. They are—totally not—dating and belong to Noxus. Their cards description answer to each other with Kato’s referencing their romance: “Shiraza is a great girlfriend–I mean friend–and we are in no way dating. But if we were, I would like her to know that I wish her a happy anniversary.”

She answers: “He said what?! That man has bricks for brains. Can’t fault those shoulders, though…” Both cards can be played together in LoR. Kato the Arm gives a boost to his ally, and Shiraza the Blade rushes the Nexus with double damage dealt to it upon attack.

This wholesome not-couple could get interesting mechanics in League where Kato would be able to throw Shiraza in some way, either as an ultimate or as an ability while played together. They could also form a playable duo in one character and be switched as the player likes, with two different effects for each ability. The possibilities of gameplay would be numerous.

2) Soul Shepherd

Image via Riot Games

This mysterious card from the Shadow Isles definitely drew attention from the players. Soul Shepherd’s card effect buffs each time an Ephemeral card is summoned.

“Only the fallen knew that she did not walk alone. Only they could see the countless companions she led down the path to lands beyond,” her description reads.

The description could hint at the Brethren of the Dusk, the religious order that Yorick joined. All of their members were able to communicate with the dead, and Yorick had a powerful gift which provoked the jealousy of the other monks. The order ultimately disappeared and the champion is the last known survivor.

As for her abilities in League, the possibilities are endless. She would draw her magic from the dead, like others champions from the Shadow Isles. She could be a mid lane-focused assassin or mage with high mobility. Even if one of the latest-released champions is linked to the Shadow Isles, Senna, she’s officially from Demacia, so there is still a possibility that a champion from this region will be released in the coming years.

1) Vrynna

Image via Riot Games

Scarmother Vrynna is a Freljord card of epic rarity. Costing six points of mana, she’s stronger each time she survives an assault. That’s pretty badass, which is why she’s popular and why we would want her in League of Legends. “I would die shivering in the cold before sharing a hearth with Ashe’s weaklings. But if they desire warmth, I will give it to them,” her description reads.

She’s also already present in League‘s lore. She was featured in a short story about Sylas released last November after her announcement in LoR. “The scarmother was a ruthless veteran, her victories many and bloody,” the short story reads. On her journey to a raid with her tribe, the Winter’s Claw, she encountered the former prisoner that was escaping the Demacian city in the snow and saved him after having tried to kill him, thinking he was an enemy. She reluctantly gave him a chance to prove himself in the raid.

There are several champions in League that become stronger by killing their opponents, and others that become stronger when they lose health, like Olaf. Vrynna could be one of these bloodthirsty and tanky champions. Her abilities could be also mixed with Kindred’s playstyle, with targets to take down in the jungle or in lane to get bonuses throughout the game.

Bonus: A Poro champion

Image via Riot Games

Already pervasive in League, the adorable fluffy creatures of Runeterra play an important part in LoR. Poros have dedicated decks under the lead of Braum and cards in different regions: the Nimble Poro from Ionia, Daring Poro from Piltover, the fearsome Sinister Poro from the Shadow Isles, and many others.

Poros are also everywhere in League: in champions’ splash arts, Braum’s trailer and background, in the Howling Abyss—they even got a dedicated game mode, the Legend of the Poro King, in 2014. So why shouldn’t we able to play a poro one day? Champions already include cute creatures like yordles, animals, and hybrids.

A poro champion could be a soul trapped in the fluffy body of the creature that could still use its powers or morph into other forms, like a champion from the Shadow Isles. It would get an ultimate allowing him to call for help from a pack of poros that could rush in an area and stun every champion in it, for example.

Even if Riot has big plans for LoR, the game is still in open beta and has yet to be officially released. We may see a character join League, but it might not be until some time.

Meanwhile, more League champions and regions will be added to the card game later, the developer promised. Between the pirates of Bilgewater, the champions from the sands of Shurima, and the atrocious creatures of the Void, many possibilities are open for LoR.