Wizards of the Coast kicks content creator out of program for “sexualizing” MTG

Where does the sexualization line get drawn?

Liliana wearing artifact Chain Veil in MTG War of the Spark
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast has removed content creator Lizbeth Eden from the Magic: The Gathering creator program for distributing Magic content that was against the organization’s code of conduct. 

Unaware that she had violated the WotC code of conduct in any way, Eden was surprised and upset over the accusations presented to her by the organization.

The email sent by WotC says Eden “had been distributing Magic content that is against the organization’s code of conduct,” which included photos “featuring adult nudity and sexualized postering.”

Eden does have an Only Fans website that isn’t tied to her content creation of MTG. And according to her, she hasn’t violated the code of conduct as WotC claims. 

“I haven’t actually done what I’m being accused of,” Eden said. “The card I made doesn’t ‘feature adult nudity,’ and I’ve posted zero explicit content related to mtg.

The card in reference was a fake MTG card that was posted as a joke, according to Eden, which contained her version of a Mythic Woman of Magic. She also admitted there were photos of her with two Colossal Dreadmaw cards stuck in her top and a Carnage Tyrant pun created that she called “Heaux Proof.”

A number of MTG content creators, like Tolarian Community College, came to Eden’s defense on Twitter, joking about how Oko, Thief of Crowns was kicked out of the content creator program too while also retweeting an older sexualized image of the Magic card Red-Hot Hottie.


Another Magic card was also brought to light, Earthbind, an Enchantment printed in 1994 that features a partially dressed fairy in bondage.

At time of writing, WotC has not released an official statement in response to Eden’s claims or those who have defended her on Twitter.