Who are the Angels in MTG New Capenna?

A basic guide to the Angels of New Capeena.

Despite getting ignored within the Magic: The Gathering story, there are a total of nine Angels within the Streets of New Capenna set.

Angels within the Streets of New Capenna stories were said to have been betrayed by the Demons after working with them to build the city of New Capenna. They were put into a form of stasis so that their bodies could provide the magical substance Halo. Giada was the only Angel found within the SNC lore, but several others exist and are playable within various Magic formats.

Here are the nine MTG angels found within the Streets of New Capenna set.

Giada, Font of Hope

Image via WotC

Giada, Font of Hope will see gameplay in a number of Magic formats. The SNC Angel is a two-drop 2/2 with Flying and Vigilance who pumps the power and toughness of other Angels that enter the battlefield. As a bonus, she can create one White mana towards casting an Angel spell.

As a legendary creature, Giada, Font of Hope slots nicely into Angel Commander decks. She also has potential within the Historic and Standard formats.

Inspiring Overseer

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Rated as a solid MTG White Common rarity card within New Capenna Limited, Inspiring Overseer draws a card and gains its controller one life upon entering the battlefield. The Angel also slots into Historic and Standard Cleric life gain decks as a solid sideboard card. And in an MTG Commander deck, Inspiring Overseer synergizes nicely with Giada, Font of Hope.

Sanctuary Warden

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Providing value through Shield Counters, Sanctuary Warden is a six-drop Mythic Rare 5/5 Angel soldier. The warden draws a card and creates a 1/1 token when you remove a counter from any creature or planeswalker (this includes loyalty counters). Sanctuary Warden has a high casting cost, but can provide massive amounts of value within Midrange builds that synergize with all forms of MTG counters.

Celestial Regulator

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Celestial Regulator is one of the best Common-rarity multicolor cards in the New Capenna Limited format. The Angel Advisor has decent stats and taps a target creature upon entering the battlefield. Celestial Regulator also synergizes with counters, preventing that tapped creature from untapping during its controller’s next untap step if you control a creature with a counter on it.

Metropolis Angel

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Metropolis Angel is another solid New Capenna Limited multicolor card and slots nicely into White and Blue tribal Angel builds. The Angel soldier’s stats are slightly weak, but their ability offsets those stats by drawing a card whenever you attack with one or more creatures that have a counter on them.

Angelic Observer

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Synergizing with go-wide SNC citizen builds, Angelic Observer is an expensive six-drop with 3/3 stats. The only upside to the Angel Advisor is that her casting cost is reduced by one for each citizen you control. Angelic Observer is fine within citizen tribal builds, but hardly a bomb.

Angel of Suffering

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Angel of Suffering is an SNC Mythic Rare in Mono-Black. The Nightmare Angel has 5/3 stats and can prevent any damage being dealt toward your life total by milling twice that many cards. Angel of Suffering will likely find a home within Angel Commander tribal builds.

Paragon of Modernity

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Synergizing with multicolor MTG decks, Paragon of Modernity is an Artifact Angel that costs four to cast. The angel warrior has 2/2 baseline stats and can gain +1/+1 stats until the end of the turn if three colors were spent to activate Paragon of Modernity’s ability. It’s not a strong card in Limited and is unlikely to get added to Angel tribal decks in other MTG formats.

Shattered Seraph

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Shattered Seraph is one of five mana-fixing creatures within the New Capenna set, and the best of the five in the cycle. Players can opt to pay two, exiling the Angel Rogue to grant a basic land three additional colors (White, Blue, or Black). You can then choose to cast Shattered Seraph later during a match for its casting cost, gaining three life when the angel enters the battlefield.

The Common-rarity Angel is descent within the New Capenna Sealed format, but it falls shy of having an impact in Draft when there are better mana-fixing options to choose from.

All images via WotC, Magic: The Gathering.