When does Magic: The Gathering Brothers’ War release?

All dates leading up to the official launch.

Image via WotC

Wizards of the Coast is taking its player base back in Magic: The Gathering time with the upcoming Standard-legal The Brothers’ War set. 

A four-set MTG Multiverse war is taking place from 2022 to 2023 during the 30-year anniversary of Magic. Returning to a battle that was first shown through the Antiquities set and a fiction novel titled The Brothers’ War, the upcoming set will tie in key moments from the infamous battle that will help define a Multiverse war against the Phyrexians taking place now. 

There are a total of 287 cards in The Brothers’ War (BRO) set that will have a focus on Artifacts and Artifact creatures. Multiple cards from the upcoming Standard-legal MTG set were spoiled at the end of September, showcasing an Urza, Lord Protector planeswalker card, and Artifacts like Mishra’s Foundry.

Here are all the important MTG Brothers’ War dates leading up to its official release, and after. 

  • The Brothers’ War story: Oct. 20 to 26
  • Building Worlds BRO video: Oct. 20
  • All BRO spoilers: Start Oct. 27
  • The Brothers’ War Magic30 previews: Oct. 28 to 30
  • The Brothers’ War previews continue: Oct. 31 to Nov. 4
  • Prerelease events for BRO: Nov. 11 to 17
  • MTG Arena and Magic Online release: Nov. 15
  • The Brothers’ War global release: Nov.18
  • Commander Party events: Dec. 16 to 18

Also coinciding with the start of BRO spoilers is the 2022 Magic World Championship, taking place from Oct. 28 to 30. The tournament will take place in a closed setting at Magic30 in Las Vegas, showcasing the top 32 players from the 2021 to 2022 season.