When does Innistrad: Crimson Vow release?

Another Innistrad set is around the corner.

Image via WotC

Get ready to attend the biggest wedding in Innistrad for Magic: The Gathering’s final set of 2021.

Innistrad: Crimson Vow is set during the opulent wedding between Olivia Voldaren and Edgar Markov, merging two powerful vampire families on the plane.

Sorin, Arlin, Teferi, Kaya, and Chandra join forces to prevent Olivia from completing the power grab.

The set is a continuation of the story that began in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and is the first time in Magic history where two sets are being released to close out the year within two months of each other.

Crimson Vow will be released on Magic Arena and Magic Online on Nov. 11, with a full tabletop release on Nov. 19. Prerelease is set for Nov. 12.

The spoiler season for Crimson Vow begins on Oct. 28 and runs through Nov. 4. Commander decklists will be revealed on Nov. 8 by The Command Zone and MTG Muddstah. The two Commander preconstructed decks are named Spirit Squadron and Vampiric Bloodline.

Crimson Vow introduces three new mechanics alongside two returning ones. Training, Blood tokens, and Cleave are new-to-Magic mechanics. Training gives buffs to attacking creatures. Blood tokens are Artifacts that allow you to rummage and gain additional effects for controlling them.

Cleave is the most experimental mechanic that allows you to remove words from a card’s effects when you pay the alternate Cleave cost. This changes the card’s ability to something powerful, similar to Overload.