Transform returns in Innistrad: Midnight Hunt with Daybound and Nightbound

It gets dangerous at night.

Image via WotC

Double-faced cards have been a theme in the past year of Magic: The Gathering. Kaldheim, Zendikar Rising, and Strixhaven: School of Mages each had prominent double-faced cards in their sets.

And now, the upcoming gothic-horror-inspired Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is continuing this trend with transforming double-faced cards as a central theme.

Midnight Hunt spoiler season will run until Sept. 13 in the lead-up to the set’s digital release on Sept. 16. A full tabletop release is set for Sept. 24.

Transform is a staple mechanic for releases set in Innistrad. With the heavy werewolf focus, it was a certainty that the mechanic would make a return when Midnight Hunt was announced in 2020.

Image via WotC

Daybound and Nightbound is the key mechanic in Midnight Hunt that facilitates many of the transformations players will become familiar with in the set. Cards will transform to the Nightbound side when certain conditions are met. Here’s the official reminder text for Daybound.

“If a player casts no spells during their own turn, it becomes night next turn.”

When it becomes night, all Daybound cards will transform and any permanents will enter the battlefield on their Nightbound side.

Once it’s night, if a player casts at least two spells during their turn, it reverts back into day the next turn. This means any Nightbound cards will transform to their Daybound side.

These are the general conditions tied to the mechanic, but there are permanents with alternate ways to activate Daybound and Nightbound.

Tovolar, Dire Overlord // Tovolar, the Midnight Scourge can turn it into night when you control three or more Wolves and/or Werewolves on your upkeep. This is in addition to the regular transforming conditions.

Being able to manipulate Daybound and Nightbound will be important in Midnight Hunt Limited. Taking the initiative and dictating when cards transform will stop opponents from getting their threats online faster.

It will also be interesting to analyze how Magic tempo has changed since Transform was in Standard during Shadows Over Innistrad block. Magic is a much faster game compared to 2016. Turning and keeping it night might be significantly harder than it used to be.