The top 4 challengers at MCIII get an auto-invite to MTG Arena Mythic Championship V

Talent and skill are rewarded with four invites to MCV.

Top Four Challengers of MTG Mythic Championship III
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering Esports

The top four challengers playing in Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship III will get an automatic invite to MTG Arena MCV.

A total of 36 challengers entered MTG Mythic Championship III, playing against 32 Magic Pro League (MPL) players, all with their eyes on the $100,000 grand prize. Of the 32 challengers, 16 were given discretionary invites by Wizards of the Coast and the others qualified through the MTG Arena Mythic rank tournament.

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Rewarding those with exceptional playing skills during MCIII, WotC gave MTG Arena Mythic Championship V invites to Kai Budde (Esper Hero), Greg Orange (Esper Control), Raphael Levy (Mono-Red Aggro), and Matias Leveratto (Simic Nexus).

Two of the four challenges given invites to MCV (Budde and Leveratto) are in the top four of Mythic Championship III, looking to bring home the grand prize of $100,000 and 50 Mythic Points today (coverage begins at 10am CT via MTG Twitch channel).

Orange and Levy had great runs on day two but fell short of the top four rankings after losing their matches to Jean Emanual Depraz (Izzet Phoenix). Depraz took down Orange in round one of the upper bracket, advancing to play Levy in round two. Levy’s Mono-Red Aggro fell short, though, allowing Depraz to move on to round three where he was defeated by Shahar Shenhar’s Mono-Red Aggro.

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Orange, finishing in the top eight of the upper bracket, competed in the lower bracket during the second half of day two at MCIII. He faced off against MPL Division champion Rei Sato (Boros Aggro) in round one, where Orange suffered a hard 2-0 loss.

Levy, also finishing in the top eight of the upper bracket, went head-to-head against John Rolf (Esper Control) and lost 2-1 in round two of the lower bracket. Despite facing losses, Orange and Levy proved their worth and earned these Mythic Championship V invites.

Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship III begins today at 10am CT in Las Vegas. MTG Arena Mythic Championship V doesn’t have a location or date at this time.