The best Troll cards in MTG Kaldheim

You trollin' bro?

Image via WOTC

Troll cards aren’t exactly an archetype in Magic: The Gathering’s latest set Kaldheim

With only four Troll creature cards in a set that’s made up of 285 cards, the creature type doesn’t even put a dent into exploring what all Kaldheim has to offer.

But each of the cards has some degree of value, especially in the Limited format setting. 

Old-Growth Troll

Image via WotC

As the set’s only rare Troll, Old-Growth’s value is obvious right at face value. Being a 4/4 creature that only costs three mana is enough to want it in any Limited deck, but with Trample and an extra ability as well, it will work perfectly for red-green aggro decks.

Additionally, the creature gets staying power even after it dies by turning into a land enchantment that can create another 4/4 creature, giving your aggro deck that extra sustain it needs for the end of a game. 

Svella, Ice Shaper

Image via WotC

As the only multicolored Troll in the set, this legendary snow creature can help you dig through your deck for answers if you’re in a stalemate and loaded up on a lot of lands late in a game. 

For a whopping eight mana, you can tap Svella and cast one of the top four cards in your library for free. This will go well in aggro decks that might end up empty handed by the time the late game comes around. 

Icehide Troll

Image via WotC

For just three mana, this card’s activated ability gives it a little bit more punching power and will make it difficult to remove. For two snow mana, Icehide can become a 4/3 that’s indestructible.

This will almost certainly save you in games where you need to block but can’t afford to have a creature die.

Hagi Mob

Image via WotC

Probably the least effective of the Troll cards, Hagi Mob is the only mono-red card of the bunch.

With its Boast ability, you might be able to sneak in some last-minute lethal damage or finish off a creature that you couldn’t quite kill during combat.