The 5 best Scry cards in Magic: The Gathering

Scry helps you scout for the needed card in a given situation and adapt to the state of the battlefield.

Image via Riot Games.

Scry cards in Magic: The Gathering help you find the necessary cards to adjust to the board and secure the finishing blow or turn the tides of battle in your favor.

With a huge variety of Scry cards, you can easily include them in most decks to ensure that you have the draw you want in different stages of the game. While there’s plenty of viable Scry spells, we have selected the top five to help you dominate the opposition.

Here are the best Scry cards in MTG.

Temple of Malice

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Temple of Malice enters the battlefield tapped and allows you to add either black or red mana. It’s a versatile card, letting you prepare your next draw while also giving you the mana you need every turn to summon creatures.

Sphinx of Foresight

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Sphinx of Foresight is a four-mana card with 4/4 stats. You can Scry at the beginning of the first upkeep, which allows you to adjust your early game draws. On top of that, when this card is played, it allows you scry a card at the beginning of your upkeep, making it great at preparing your next draw while also being a threat on the board.

Augury Owl

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Augury Owl has only 1/1 stats for the cost of two mana. But when you play it, it allows you to scry three cards, a significant amount, and can help you prepare your next turns. If you don’t see any good plays, however, you can put the cards on the bottom of your deck.


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Condescend is a counter spell, which allows you to force your opponent to pay a certain cost if they want to cast that spell. If they don’t have that amount of mana, then you’re safe and can move on with your plays. The two-card Scry ability on top of it is a huge bonus.


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Preordain is a one-mana draw engine alongside Scry, allowing you to see if you have any good cards in the next two draws and then draw one. If you don’t have any good ones, you can just send them to the bottom of the deck and draw the third card.