Stráský advances to MTG Worlds finals undefeated

Battling food poisoning right before MTG Worlds, the Czech champion goes 7-0.

Alrund's Epiphany
Image via WotC

Ondřej Stráský was the first player to advance to the 2021 Magic World Championship finals today, and with an undefeated record under his belt. The second day of the competition showcased five rounds of Standard Constructed, and Stráský was the first to advance to the next stage.

Any of the 16 players at MTG Worlds needed seven wins to advance to the final day. Finishing day one with an underrated record following three rounds of MID Draft and two rounds of Standard,  Stráský defeated Paulo Vitor Damo Da Rosa (PVDDR) and Noriyuki Mori to continue his run towards the 2021 Worlds title. 

Mono-Green Aggro was the deck to beat Alrund’s Ephiphany decks. With Stráský piloting the build, however, PVDDR was unable to snap the win-streak after three games. Next up was Mori and his Azorius Tempo deck, a build that players at MTG Worlds did not have on their bingo cards. Stráský took game one and was down to four life points before making a comeback to sweep Mori in round seven. 

Image via WotC

With three more rounds of Standard left to play, Sam Pardee and Matt Sperling were sitting at 5-2, seeking to join Stráský in the top four players competing at the 2021 Magic World Championship finals tomorrow. And five players with 4-3 records—PVDDR, Mori, Depraz, Kassis, and Takahashi—are also still in the running to advance as well. 

Day three of the 2021 Magic Worlds will take place on Oct. 10 at 11am CT via Twitch. Players will compete in a double-elimination bracket via bo3 matches and games.