Rodríguez López remains undefeated through day 2 PT Brussels THB Booster Draft

Can Rodríguez López go 16 rounds undefeated?

MTG Players Tour Brussels day two Booster Draft Standings
Image via WotC Magic Esports

A total of four Magic: The Gathering players have gone undefeated in six rounds of Theros: Beyond Death Booster Draft at Players Tour Brussels this weekend. 

Among those four competitors was Juan Jose Rodríguez López, who went undefeated with Bernado Torres through the first eight rounds of THB Booster Draft and Pioneer Constructed at PT Brussels. Rodríguez López had an amazing run at Mythic Championship IV last year in Barcelona, finishing in the top-eight. And he’s clearly on the path to do the same at PT Brussels. 

Torres also remains in the race for top-eight, ranking in third after round five today, with three more rounds still to play. Despite starting the day off strong with a 6-0 run in THB Booster Draft, Stuart Wright (ranked 22) and Matt Brown (ranked 30) need another streak of wins to stay in contention for the top-eight. 

The first tabletop Players Tour of the MTG 2020 partial season began yesterday in Brussels with 39 out of the 384 competitors going undefeated in the THB Booster Draft and two players keeping the streak alive after eight rounds of play. Day two began with the final three rounds of Booster Draft, with the four Magic players repeating their undefeated run in the Limited format.

Following the completion of Pioneer Constructed today, PT Brussels will resume tomorrow with the top eight players facing off in single-elimination playoff rounds. Don’t miss out on the action as coverage begins at 2am CT via Magic’s Twitch channel