One with the Stars is a wacky playtest card coming to MTG in Theros: Beyond Death

Let the enchantment shenanigans begin.

THB Magic The Gathering Enchantments
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

A playtest card from the Magic: The Gathering Mystery Booster has made its way into the Theros: Beyond Death set. 

One with the Stars is an interesting Enchantment-Aura, playing off the theme of Enchantments in Theros: Beyond Death (THB). It has a costly CMC of four (one Blue) and enchants a creature, turning it into an Enchantment. 

One with the Stars THB Magic The Gathering
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering
  • Enchant creature or enchantment
  • Enchanted permanent is an enchantment and loses all other card types. (It still has abilities, but it is no longer a creature.)

Included in MTG’s Mystery Booster Draft as a playtest card, One with the Stars targets creatures but keeps its abilities. Attaching this wacky enchantment onto Rotting Regisaur in the Standard format, for example, prevents it from attacking while its controller still has to discard at the beginning of their upkeep. 

It can also revert Gods from THB back into an Enchantment, even if Devotion requirements have been met. The wording on One with the Stars is confusing, though, since it can enchant a creature or Enchantment. But this simply allows it to stay on a creature card once it’s been transformed into an Enchantment. 

One with the Stars can also force Auras to fall off, such as All that Glitters from Throne of Eldraine, since its text specifies it’s to be attached to a creature. It can be used on an opponent or on a controller’s cards, too. One with the Stars has the potential to create jank strategies that should be revealed in the coming weeks. 

MTG fans can test out One with the Stars on Jan. 16 when Theros: Beyond Death launches on digital platforms. The official release date for THB is Jan. 24.