Oko, Thief of Crowns’ value skyrockets with Field of the Dead ban

Oko is king of Standard, and thief of crowns.

Image via Wizards of the Coast

The most powerful planeswalker in Magic: The Gathering Standard rose a considerable amount in value following the ban applied to Field of the Dead earlier today. 

Oko, Thief of Crowns just became the most valuable card in the Throne of Eldraine set by a huge margin. With the Field of the Dead ban issued earlier today, Oko jumped in price by over 62 percent.

Many people in the Magic community consider Oko, Thief of Crowns to be a broken card. He begins with an extremely high loyalty counter as a three-mana planeswalker and has two abilities that add loyalty counters. Unlike Field of the Dead, however, there are options available in Standard to remove Oko from the battlefield throughout a variety of archetypes. 

Oko is now king of Standard, valued at almost $70 in paper and $66 online. But he’s still on the hot seat for a ban if the metagame doesn’t adjust. Wizards of the Coast said earlier today that it’d continue to watch how Oko performs in the Standard meta and that adjustments will be made accordingly.

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But until he’s taken off the market, collectors looking to make a quick buck might want to consider selling Oko now. Projections suggest that Oko has reached a glass ceiling and that his value won’t continue to rise in the weeks to come.

The health of the Standard meta, however, will determine whether Oko’s value rises or falls prior to the next Mythic Championship in November.