Nahiri protects her home plane at any cost in MTG Zendikar Rising trailer

"No more hellish monsters."

Zendikar Rising MTG Nahiri
Screengrab via Magic The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast dove into Zendikar Rising’s spoiler season today with the release of an official trailer featuring Nahiri. 

Scheduled to release on Sept. 25 via tabletop and on Sept. 17 digitally, Zendikar Rising (ZNR) features a return to the infamous plane without the Eldrazi. But trouble still exists via The Royal, monstrous inhabitants of Zendikar who act as the plane’s natural defense system. WotC explored these themes with a trailer for the upcoming new set, featuring Nahiri and her ruthlessness when it comes to protecting her homeworld. 

The ZNR trailer begins with Nahiri and her Kor companions, Zareth and Akiri, retrieving an item surrounded by floating hedrons. The mysterious item means “no more storms, disasters, or hellish monsters,” according to Nahiri. Removing the mystical stone orb from its vault has awoken one of The Royal, forcing the team to take cover. 

The Royal eventually catches up to Nahiri and her group, overpowering Nahiri’s companions and forcing her to use the mystical item as a weapon. It destroys the monster but also takes the life of Zareth. Akiri is stricken with grief and threatens to throw the mysterious magical item over the side of a cliff. But Nahiri stops her with a floating hedron and then pushes Akiri off the cliff’s edge upon retrieving her magical weapon. 

Nahiri is known for having issues with her temper, and in ZNR, it seems her ruthlessness hasn’t diminished when it comes to protecting the plane of Zendikar. The MTG planeswalker has her own card in the set, Nahiri, Heir of the Ancients. She’ll also be joined by the planeswalkers Jace and Nissa.