Mythic Championship VII day 2 standings and highlights

It's a race towards the top eight.

Mythic Championship VII day two MTG Arena

The best Magic: The Gathering players from around the world are competing for the highly coveted top eight seats at Mythic Championship VII but only 28 remained heading into day two. 

Day one of the final major Magic: The Gathering tournament of the year was far from boring, showcasing a balanced meta and wild plays. A full breakdown of all eight rounds from day one at MCVII can be found here, and a full list of the top 24 players from day one, along with their decks, can be found here

The second day at MCVII began with the 28 players—24 from day one and four MPL players who had a day-one bye. The Magic Pro League players who earned day-one byes from the ELD Division split were Márcio Carvalho, William Jensen, Shota Yasooka, and Piotr Głogowski. It was a balanced group of players, featuring those from Arena Qualifiers, the MPL, and invites. 

Day two will consist of seven rounds of Swiss best-of-three play in the Standard format, in which the top eight players move onto day three. 

Round one

The first match of the day was between William Jensen, who received a day-one bye at MCVII, and Gabriel “Yellowhat” Nassif. Jensen jokingly donned Nassif’s infamous yellow hat when the two veteran Magic players battled in an Izzet Flash mirror match. 

Both players earned a win in games one and two, forcing a game three. Gadwick, the Wizened was a key card played by the Magic veterans and Jensen was the first to fire it off in game three. The MPL pro then followed up with a Skarrgan Hellkite, gaining an advantage over Nassif. Jensen continued his dominant run in game three, earning himself a match victory to start the day. 

Here was the other round one winner’s at day two of Mythic Championship VII:

Screengrab via WotC Magic Twitch channel
Screengrab via WotC Magic Twitch channel

Round two

Round two began with another mirror match featuring Jund Sacrifice. Miguel da Cruz Simões, an Arena Qualifier who went undefeated during day one, was paired against  Piotr “Kanister” Głogowski. It was the second match of the tournament for Kanister, who earned himself a day-one bye during the ELD split. 

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King was dropped onto the battlefield by both players in game one. But Kanister gained the advantage with Casualties of War, earning him a win. Simões faced a huge mana shortage in game two, allowing Kanister to play Mayhem Devil and Korvold first. The disadvantage led to a scoop and a match win for Kanister. 

Also featured in round two was a match between Shota Yasooka (Five-Color Fires) against Ally Warfield and her Golgari Adventure deck. Each player earned a quick win in games one and two, forcing a game three showdown. 

Two Edgewall Innkeepers on the battlefield gave Warfield an early advantage over Yasooka’s slower Five-Color Fires deck. Yasooka attempted to slow Warfield down with a Flame Sweep, but the wipe failed to stop her Golgari deck. Through a string of smart plays, Warfield earned herself a second match win of the day.  

At the end of round two, seven players remained undefeated for the day.

Screengrab via WotC Magic Twitch channel

Round three

Warfield returned to the feature match table in round three with a Golgari Adventure mirror match against Arena Qualifier Jordan Cairns. There were several differences between the two Adventure decks, though. Warfield’s deck contained a Lucky Clover while Cairns took a more aggressive stance with Rotting Regisaur. 

Cairns had the advantage in game one with an early drop of Questing Beast, but Warfield earned the win thanks to Lucky Clover. Game two favored Cairns and his Rankle, Master of Pranks, forcing a game three. 

After a close and lengthy game between the two Magic pros, Cairns top-decked a Questing Beast. But the attack was one point shy of a victory. And Warfield earned a third match win of the day. 

Also in round three was a match between Andrea Mengucci (Simic Ramp) against Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (PVDDD) and his Jeskai Fires deck. Both players were 2-0 heading into the match, and each player earned a win in games one and two. 

PVDDR was short on mana to start game three. And before he could fully recover, Mengucci would drop an End-Raze Forerunners, swinging for lethal. 

Only four players remained undefeated after three rounds at Mythic Championship VII. 

Screengrab via WotC Magic Twitch channel

Round four

Two undefeated players during day two, Mengucci (Simic Ramp) and Seth Manfield (Simic Flash), faced off to start round four. Game one only lasted a few turns, with a quick concede from Mengucci after facing several counterspells from Manfield. 

Game two went much differently for Mengucci, despite Manfield’s best efforts. 

Mengucci began the game with a Risen Reef while Manfield patiently played the counterspell game. Nissa, Who Shakes the World provided Manfield with an advantage. But Mengucci also had the answers with two Hydroid Krasis’ (a 6/6 and 10/10) and Cavalier of Thorns. And after several volleys, Mengucci earned the match win. 

Also featured in round four was a battle between Javier Dominguez (Simic Flash) against Luis Salvatto (Sultai Ramp). Each player earned a win in games one and two. Game three favored Dominguez after he produced a counterspell for every major move attempted by Salvatto. Establishing a board state with Hydroid Krasis and Nightpack Ambusher, Dominguez earned himself a match victory.

Here were the MCVII standings heading into round five:

Screengrab via WotC Magic Twitch channel
Screengrab via WotC Magic Twitch channel

Round five

Five was the magic number at day two of MCVII, since five wins guaranteed a seat in the top eight. 

The first match featured in round five was between Mengucci (Simic Ramp) and Kanister (Jund Sacrifice), with both players seeking that fifth match win of the day. 

Three Risen Reefs gave Mengucci a major advantage in game one, despite Kanister having a Korvold on the battlefield. And upon casting a Finale of Devastation, Kanister conceded. Kanister had a good start in game two, drawing the cat combo and a Mayhem Devil. Mengucci lacked answers, leading to a game three. 

Kanister gained an early advantage in game three with the cat combo and Trail of Crumbs for card draw. He then followed up his board state dominance with Mayhem Devil and a Korvold in hand. Mengucci knew he couldn’t win, and Kanister became the first day two player to earn a seat in the top eight. 

Round five also showcased a Simic Flash mirror match between Dominguez and Nelson with each player seeking a fourth match win. After two lengthy games, Nelson gained an advantage and the match win.

Round six

With five players sitting at 4-1 heading into round six, the race towards the top eight was heating up. After losing his Simic Flash mirror match in round five against Dominguez, Nelson found himself in another mirror against Manfield. 

Each player had a slight advantage in games one and two, earning a win apiece. Game three didn’t start well for Nelson, and he had to mulligan while on the draw. But things quickly turned in Nelson’s favor as he doubled up on his Nissa power. 

Manfield couldn’t recover and Nelson was in the top eight at MCVII. 

Next up was another 4-1 match featuring Mengucci (Simic Flash) against Jensen (Izzet Flash). Mengucci had an early advantage in game one, casting Quasiduplicate twice on Cavalier of Thorns. 

Mengucci then played a Nissa, Who Shakes the World and began attacking for lethal, earning himself a game win. One game away from landing a top-eight seat, Mengucci went on the attack again with Cavalier of Thorns in game two. He then top-decked two Hydroid Krasis’ with a Negate in hand, and Jensen couldn’t dig his way back.

PVDDR (Jeskai Fires) was also looking for a top-eight seat in round six, battling against Warfield and her Golgari Adventure deck. Each player earned a win in games one and two.

Game three began with PVDDR gaining the advantage early, pounding down Warfield’s life points with Cavaliers. Warfield needed two match wins in a row to make it into the top eight, but it wasn’t meant to be and PVDDR was moving onto day three.

Here were the Mythic Championship VII standings heading into the final round of day two. Players highlighted in white were already finished for the day, having secured a spot in the top eight.

Screengrab via WotC Magic Twitch channel
Screengrab via WotC Magic Twitch channel

Round 7

There were four seats left in the top eight heading into round seven. The first feature match of the round showcased MTG Hall of Famer Jensen (Izzet Flash) against the young up-and-coming Kvartek and his Golgari Adventure deck. 

The first game between these two Magic pros was a lengthy one. It would come down to both players at five life and a smart strategic play by Kvartek, earning himself a win. 

Jensen started game two with a Gadwick, but Kvartek continued his dominating run with Vivien, Arkbow Ranger pumping up a stacked battlefield in conjunction with The Great Henge. Jensen quickly fell to four life with Kvartek at 26. And the MTG Hall of Famer couldn’t recover. Kvartek claimed a match win while securing his second top-eight seat at a Mythic Championship this year.

Also fighting for a day three seat was Simões (Jund Sacrifice) and Manfield (Simic Flash). Game one went to Simões and the second game began with a mana starved Manfield. 

There was no coming back for Manfield and the Arena Qualifier Simões was heading to day three at MCVII. Also landing a second top eight at an MC this year in round seven was Javier Dominguez. 

With day two at an end, eight players were moving onto the day three playoffs. Seven seats were guaranteed and the eighth went to Manfield based off tie-breakers. 

  • Piotr “Kanister” Głogowski (MPL): Jund Sacrifice
  • Andrea Mengucci (MPL): Simic Ramp
  • Brad Nelson (MPL): Simic Flash
  • Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa (MPL): Jeskai Fires
  • Chris Kvartek (MCQ): Golgari Adventure
  • Miguel da Cruz Simões (MCQ): Jund Sacrifice
  • Javier Dominguez (MPL): Simic Flash
  • Seth Manfield (MPL): Simic Flash

Day three of Magic’s Mythic Championship VII begins at 11am CT on Dec. 8.