MTG Pro Brad Nelson will miss Mythic Championship IV due to passport issues

Nelson will not join Team KMC-Genisis in Barcelona.

MPL player Brad Neslon undefeated so far in MTG Mythic Championship III
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The fourth Magic: The Gathering Mythic Championship begins this coming weekend, but MPL player Brad Nelson won’t be able to attend due to the expiration date on his passport.

After dominating in the MPL Weekly War of the Spark split and finishing second place at MCIII, Nelson, unfortunately, has to watch MCIV from the sidelines. 

“Some countries require that your passport be valid at least six months beyond the dates of your trip,” the Department of State FAQ page says. “Some airlines will not allow you to board if this requirement is not met.”  

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Nelson’s passport is set to expire within the time frame of three months, meaning he can’t travel to Spain for MCIV. And it’s a major shame as Nelson is having an exceptional year so far, showcasing his skills in MTG Standard and what was to be Modern at the MCIV in Barcelona. 

For his teammates on KMC-Genisis (Corey Baumeister, Brian Braun-Duin, Seth Manfield, Logan Nettles, and Shahar Shenhar) the pressure is on. Sitting in fifth place for the Mythic Championship Team series, Team KMC-Genisis needs to place in the top two if they plan to battle it out in Las Vegas for the team finals. In order to cash in the $200,000 prize pool, they need to finish in the top four.

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MTG Mythic Championship IV runs from July 26 to 28. Live coverage begins on the Magic Twitch channel at 2am CT Friday through Sunday. Reruns of the day’s events should air after the livestream ends.