MTG Players Tour qualifiers suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic

All qualifiers for tabletop PT are suspended.

MTG Players Tour Phoenix
Screengrab via Magic Twitch

Wizards of the Coast has postponed all Magic: The Gathering tabletop Players Tour Series 2 qualifiers effective immediately. 

Last week, WotC announced that the Players Tour Series 1 Finals and Mythic Invitational were canceled. It was also revealed that the EU and Americas Players Tour Series 2 tournaments were rescheduled, while Asia was still without a venue. With concerns over COVID-19 heightening and multiple states closing bars and restaurants, WotC suspended all Players Tour WPN qualifiers. 

“Following recommendations from government and health officials, we will continue to make additional changes to qualifying schedules and events,” WotC said. “We look forward to providing competitive tabletop Magic opportunities while ensuring the safety and health of players worldwide. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as these adjustments are made.”

Anyone who’s already earned an invitation to a Players Tour event will retain the invite and no changes have been made at this time to the rescheduled Players Tour Series 2 rescheduled tournaments. 

WotC said that rescheduled WPN qualifiers will be for the Players Tour Series 3 period, which will start at a later but undetermined date. And for players who already competed in a Players Tour Series 2 qualifier, they’ll automatically be allowed to participate in the Series 3 qualifiers. 

A list of every canceled and rescheduled MTG Arena and tabletop tournament can be found here. It’s possible these dates may change as WotC continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic.