MTG completes Tri-lands cycle in Streets of New Capenna

The three-color land cycle from IKO will get completed.

Wizards of the Coast will complete the three-color mana fixing land cycle, better known as Tri-lands, within the upcoming Magic: The Gathering Standard-legal set Streets of New Capenna

The release of Ikoria: Lair of Behmoths brought a new cycle of three-color lands that enter the battlefield tapped and have the MTG mechanic “Cycling.” The cycle of tapped lands within Streets of New Capenna (SNC) will showcase shards, as opposed to wedges. The five combinations of colors for shards are Bant (GWU), Esper (WUB), Grixis (UBR), Jund (BRG), and Naya (RGW). 

Within the SNC set, these five shards will also represent the five demon lord crime families that rule New Capenna. Each Tri-land has its name and artwork associated with one of the five crime families: Obscura (WUB), Maestros (UBR), Riveteers (BRG), Cabaretti (RGW), and Brokers (GWU). 

Similar to the Triomes from IKO, the Tri-lands within SNC will also have the MTG mechanic Cycling. The mechanic gives players the option to pay a mana cost and discard the Tri-land in exchange for drawing a card off the top of their library. Cycling provides card advantage, especially in circumstances when players get flooded with unnecessary lands off the top of their library. 

Each Tri-land has a regular, Borderless, and skyscraper version. And, in addition to the completed cycle of MTG Tri-lands, the SNC set will also include full-art basic lands that show off specific locations within the city of New Capenna.