Ikoria Triome lands will change the MTG landscape forever

Mana fixing just got a whole lot easier.

Ikoria Lair of Behemoth Forest
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Three color mana fixing will return to Magic: The Gathering in the new set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoth

Drawing the right lands and accessing mana is one of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of Magic. And duel lands that have previously been printed in MTG are some of the most expensive cards within a player’s deck, no matter the format. But there’s been a lack of love for tricolored builds—until now. 

Ikoria is primarily an enemy colored themed set that features wedges. There hasn’t been an abundance of previous wedge cards in Magic sets, often leading to confusion over what a wedge is. The only way to truly explain it is to let Blake Rasmussen from WotC tell it in his own words. 

“For those who don’t know, wedges (like the shards) are three-color groupings centered around one color,” Rasmussen said. “In a shard, the “center” color is then flanked by two allies. So the Esper shard centered around blue and included blue’s two allies, white and black. Conversely, the wedge around blue includes red and green—in this case, Temur. Note that being centered on a color doesn’t mean anything more than explaining how the colors are arranged.”

The IKO Triome lands provide players with the freedom to find the color mana needed within builds that feature three or more colors. And they also have the added bonus of Cycling, a returning MTG mechanic in the Ikoria set. Cycling allows a player to discard the card and draw a card at a mana cost. Triome lands have a Cycling cost of three. 

Triome lands will drop in MTG Arena on April 16 and via tabletop on May 15. It’s unknown at this time when the alt-art for these lands will become available on Magic Arena

All images via Wizards of the Coast.