MTG Arena’s organized play improves via multiple paths and clear structure

Pave your way to Worlds via multiple MTG Arena events.

Image via Lunaurum Art and WotC

A new digital Magic: The Gathering Arena organized play system will go into effect almost immediately, providing players with a variety of ways to compete at the top levels of MTG

Digital Magic players have a clear structure that contains multiple paths toward high-level competition via the new MTG Arena and Magic Online organized play systems revealed by Wizards of the Coast today. Ranking up the ladder was previously the main way to compete at top-level Magic tournaments within MTG Arena. But a new system is being implemented, showcasing multiple paths, along with the introduction of Play-In Points.

Image via WotC

The new MTG Arena organized play system will feed into the overall Magic organized play system, which showcases tabletop gameplay at the highest levels of competition. At the most basic level, players can compete via Qualifier Weekend tournaments or through new Qualifier Play-In events. From there, players will qualify to compete at Magic Pro Tour tournaments or an MTG Arena Championship. 

The new Qualifier Play-In events will take place twice a month, featuring best-of-one and best-of-three formats. Players can compete in the event via an entry fee of 20,000 gold or 4,000 gems—or by obtaining a total of 20 Play-In Points offered via a number of Constructed and Limited events. 

Top-level digital players have to earn an invite to compete at an Arena Championship, the “pinnacle of competition within MTG Arena,” according to WotC. Each Arena Championship will showcase a total of 32 players, take place three times a year, have a total prize pool of $200,000, and provide invites to the Magic World Championship.