MTG Arena steps up its events in February

New FTP events are coming to Arena this month.

Purphoros Bronze Blooded Theros Beyond Death MTG
Image via WotC Magic: The Gathering

Several new events will take place in MTG Arena over the course of February, including a free Magic World Championship event.

Wizards of the Coast revealed the new February events coming to MTG Arena today, starting with a World Championship XXVI Showcase event on Feb. 14 at 10am CT. Coordinating with the start of the Magic World Championship, the event in MTG Arena will include the 16 decklists being played in Honolulu. 

There’s no entry fee to play, but the format is best-of-one Standard Constructed and not best-of-three. Players can change decks in between matches, however, and the first three wins within the event will reward XP. The World Championship XXVI Showcase event will run until Feb. 17 at 1pm CT. 

WotC also revealed the Workshop Series today, a group of free-to-play events consisting of preconstructed decks from various Magic formats. Three of these events are included in the Feb. 11 MTG Arena update. 

  • Power and Glory: An event in the Brawl format.
  • Heros of Theros: A Limited format event showcasing top decks crafted in THB Draft within Arena
  • Uncharted Paths: An event containing Jank Standard Constructed decks.

Each event within the Workshop Series will last for a total of 48 hours, starting on a Monday and ending on Wednesday. The first win in any of the three events will reward players with either gold, XP, or an Individual Reward Card.

Starting on Feb. 22, the Festival of Gods will launch within Magic Arena. The series contains a total of five events, each one highlighting one of the five Gods in THB and played in different Magic format. 

  • Feb. 22 to Feb. 25: Fires of Purphoros (Standard Artisan).
  • Feb. 29 to March 3: Nylea’s Call of the Wild (Giant Monsters Emblem).
  • March 7 to 10: Heliod’s Glory (Immortal Sun Emblem).
  • March 13 to 17: Erebos’s Memoir of Death (Historic Brawl).
  • March 20 to 23: Thassa’s Briny Bounty (preconstructed Singleton with 150 cards

Each MTG Arena Festival of Gods’ tournament has an entry fee of 2,500 gold or 500 gems. Each event will last for three days, starting on Feb. 22, with one occurring a week.