MTG Arena reveals all-access Crafter’s Challenger event

Earn Wildcards to craft new decks when VOW drops.

Image via WotC

An MTG Arena event called Crafter’s Challenge will allow players to craft a deck with any Magic: The Gathering Standard-legal card and compete to earn gems and Wildcards before the launch of Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

Scheduled to take place from Nov. 5 to 8, the Crafter’s Challenge gives players access to every legal card in the Standard format to compete in a seven-win or three-loss best-of-one event. An entry fee of 2,000 gems is required to compete in the event, which can be earned back with six or more wins, along with Rare and Mythic Rare Magic Arena Wildcards. 

  • Zero to two wins: No rewards
  • Three wins: 500 gems and one Rare Wildcard
  • Four wins: 1,000 gems and two Rare Wildcards
  • Five wins: 1,500 gems, one Mythic Rare, and two Rare Wildcards
  • Six wins: 2,000 gems, one Mythic Rare, and four Rare Wildcards
  • Seven wins: 2,500 gems, two Mythic Rare, and four Rare Wildcards

In conjunction with Crafter’s Challenge, MTG Arena is running two mixer Drafts. The Ravnica mixer Draft is taking place now until Nov. 5. And from Nov. 5 to 12, there’s the Core Set Draft mixer.

Innistrad: Crimson Vow is scheduled to release digitally via MTG Arena and Magic Online on Nov. 11. The lore behind VOW focuses on vampires, but they aren’t the only good Rare and Mythic Rare cards within the upcoming set. 

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Earning Wildcards via the Crafter’s Challenger event to craft Standard-legal decks following the release of VOW or using them to craft cards for the Historic format will go a long way. The only downside is that you have to earn at least three wins.