MTG Arena major backend update plagued with bugs resolves ‘error uploading data’ issue

Here's every error the MTG Arena team is working on.

Image via WotC

One of the largest Magic: The Gathering Arena updates in the digital card game’s history has caused more than a few headaches and bugs within the system. 

Uploaded on Aug. 24, the “major backend” update for MTG Arena did not go as smoothly as Wizards of the Coast had hoped. The patch was initially scheduled to take place on Aug. 10 but moved to Aug. 24, providing the MTGA team with additional time to work out kinks. Resolution towards solving these issues began today with a fix to the “error uploading data” message players received upon logging into MTG Arena

According to WotC, the uploading data error is resolved via “fully relaunching the game client.” WotC also produced a “known issue list” for the backend MTG Arena update containing a total of 16 issues the team is aware of and working on.

  • Dropped matches in Direct Challenge due to connection issues
  • Broken “Friend Challenge” button following a rejection from an incoming friend request
  • A red warning triangle appearing on decks rather than a count of invalid cards within the deck that the player needs to craft via Wildcards
  • Bronze-tier rewards getting doled out without any ranked matches being played
  • An incorrect ranked season, showing August instead of September
  • Players unable to find “favorited” decks
  • Classic Phrases emote issues
  • Unable to access decks if a Color Challenge hasn’t been completed
  • An incorrect nav bar after completing the Color Mastery game
  • A looping Ashiok, Nightmare Muse VFX
  • Players unable to access Nyx land bundles purchased in the MTG Arena store
  • Players getting stuck waiting for a server upon completing the NPE
  • Client locking upon a replaying a tutorial
  • An unresponsive client if left inactive for a period of time
  • A blank screen at the time of login for players who did not play MTG Arena last season
  • Historic Brawl games showing 20 life points instead of 25

As repairs continue, WotC has asked players to “contact MTG Arena support” with any found issues. The scheduled Jumpstart: Historic Horizons update on Aug. 26 is still expected to take place, according to WotC