MTG Alchemy spoiler Foundry Beetle potentially buffs Rakdos and Equipment builds

Embrace the power of insects.

Image via WotC

Rakdos Sacrifice and Equipment Magic: The Gathering decks within the Alchemy format have a new two-drop Artifact creature to play with via Foundry Beetle.

Scheduled to release via MTG Arena on March 17, Alchemy spoilers for Neon Dynasty: A22 officially began during the NEO Championship over the weekend with a first look at six new cards. And this morning, an Artifact creature called Foundry Beetle was revealed as a unique two-drop in Red that randomly reduces the cost of an Artifact in hand while making use of the Reconfigure mechanic on the battlefield. 

Foundry Beetle 

Image via WotC
  • CMC: 1R
  • Type: Artifact creature—Equipment Insect
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Stats: 2/2
  • Keyword: First Strike
  • Equip: The equipped creature has First Strike
  • Reconfigure cost: R
  • Ability: At the beginning of your upkeep, a random Artifact card in your hand Perpetually gains “This spell costs one less to cast.”

The reduction of cost to an Artifact in hand is random, which can have some downside. But any type of cost reduction within a Midrange build that can target Artifact creatures is a buff. Foundry Beetle supports Equipment Aggro and Midrange decks and may even find a home within the Rakdos Sacrifice deck as a two-of.

First Strike is a powerful keyword to have on an early drop creature. And Foundry Beetle allows players to equip the Artifact insect to a much bigger creature during the later stages of a match for only one Red mana. 

Players can test out Foundry Beetle when the next batch of MTG Arena Alchemy Neon Dynasty: A22 cards is released on March 17.