MTG Alchemy Bosiju Pathlighter spoiler contains spellbook of powerful lands

Draft powerful non-basic lands from a three-drop human rogue.

Image via WotC

Drafting from a spellbook returns in the newest batch of Magic: The Gathering Arena Alchemy cards via Neon Dynasty: A22 Boseiju Pathlighter.

The MTG Alchemy spoiler Boseiju Pathlighter, revealed by Amy the Amazonian, contains a spellbook of 15 lands that can have a huge impact on a match. New digital-only cards for the MTG Arena format have been dropping since yesterday, with the first of six cards that were revealed during the NEO Championship. Non-basic lands have had an impact on multiple Magic formats, and the reveal of Boseiju Pathlighter packs 15 of those lands into their spellbook. 

Boseiju Pathlighter

  • CMC: 2G
  • Type: Creature—Human Rogue
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Stats: 3/2
  • Ability: When Boseiju Pathlighter enters the battlefield, draft a card from Boseiju Pathelighter’s spellbook. 

Boseiju Pathlighter spellbook

Image via WotC
  • Emergence Zone
  • Radiant Fountain
  • Scavenger Grounds
  • Boseiju, Who Endures
  • Gingerbread Cabin
  • Khalni Garden
  • Memorial to Unity
  • Thriving Grove
  • Hall of Oracles
  • Secluded Courtyard
  • Treasure Vault
  • Mobilized District
  • Bonder’s Enclave
  • Roadside Reliquary
  • Field of Ruin

As pointed out by Ali Eldrazi, Boseiju, Who Shelters All is not one of the non-basic MTG lands found in the Boseiju Pathlighter’s spellbook. But the other lands have potential, especially ones like Boseiju, Who Endures, Hall of Oracles, Field of Ruin, and Roadside Reliquary. 

The downside to Boseiju Pathlighter is that it seems like the drafted land goes to hand and not directly onto the battlefield. At a cost of three mana with a 2/3 stat line, it might make the new MTG Alchemy card one that gets put in the sideboard instead of the main deck. 

Spellbooks within the MTG Alchemy format present a player with three options out of the total 15 that are in the spellbook. That player can choose one of the three options and the card is typically put into their hand. 

Players can test out Boseiju Pathlighter and find out if it is worth main decking when the Neon Dynasty: A22 cards get released via MTG Arena on March 17.