Manfield eliminates 5 MTG players in a row to win Mythic Invitational 2020

Manfield becomes one of only a few MTG pros to win three premier level championship titles.

Mythic Championship VII Day Two Players and Metagame
Screengrab via WotC Magic The Gathering Twitch channel

Seth Manfield of Team Envy won the Mythic Invitational 2020 today after making a comeback that will go down in Magic: The Gathering history. 

A total of 161 players were reduced to eight during the Mythic Invitational 2020 playoffs, featuring some of the best MTG players from around the globe. After winning five lengthy and difficult matches in a row, Manfield earned the Mythic Invitational 2020 Historic title today.

Manfield was ranked eighth heading into the playoffs on Saturday, Sept. 12, losing his first upper bracket match to Luis Salvatto and his Rakdos Arcanist deck. 

The broadcast of the lower bracket rounds and the grand final match was postponed to today due to production issues, despite the players continuing to compete yesterday. Manfield started off the day playing against Ken Yukuhiro, sweeping the Magic Pro League player and his Mono-Red Goblins deck with Sultai Midrange. 

Manfield’s streak continued all throughout the lower bracket matches, defeating Grzegorz Kowalski 2-1 in the quarterfinals and David Steinberg 2-1 in the semifinals. It then came down to a rematch between Salvatto and Manfield for a seat in the grand finals match and Manfield advanced with a 2-1 victory. 

His final match of the day was against Gabriel “Yellowhat” Nassif and his Jund Sacrifce build that went undefeated during the upper bracket portion of the playoffs last weekend. Nassif may have had some cobwebs from not playing all day but his Jund Sacrifice deck just couldn’t edge out Manfield’s Sultai Midrange build.

Exhausted from having played so many high-level matches in a row, Manfield referred to the playoffs as “the most difficult top-eight I’ve ever played.” But that didn’t stop the veteran Magic player from sweeping Nassif in the grand finals to win the first Mythic Invitational in the Historic format.

This Mythic Invitational win earned Manfield $10,000, as well as bragging rights since he became one of only a handful of Magic players to achieve three premier level championship titles.