Magic: The Gathering drops first soundtrack album for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Immerse yourself in the sounds of modern-day Kamigawa.

Image via WotC

For the first time in Magic: The Gathering history, Wizards of the Coast put together an official soundtrack for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty containing a wide variety of artists. 

Capturing the flavor of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, over a dozen artists mashed together modern beats with the traditional vibes of Japanese music. The new MTG Standard-legal set contains a large number of Artifacts and Enchantments, representing modernity and tradition. These flavors were carried over into the official soundtrack for NEO, which has a total of 15 tracks.

Game designer Gavin Verhey sat down with Jonathan Young for an episode of Good Morning Magic, taking a deep dive into how creating songs is like crafting a deck and doing a rundown of every artist who contributed to the first MTG Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty soundtrack.

A total of 15 songs are on the soundtrack, showcasing instrumental-only tracks like “Shadow of Boseiju” and “The Neon Riverside.” The opening song, “Light it Up,” is very much an anthem song for the soundtrack, and “The Future is Bright” wants you to roll down the windows while banging your head to its EDM beats. 

Young is hardly a stranger to MTG, recalling to Verhey how he got into the TCG through a friend and by opening a foil Thoughtseize from a Theros booster pack. He also worked with PelleK on the song “Brokenbrow” for the release of Kaldheim

The NEO soundtrack was released today, providing players and music lovers with a variety of platforms to enjoy it on. The global launch of NEO also celebrated the return to the beloved plane of Kamigawa with an official cinematic produced by Wit Studio, featuring music by KT.

Here are the 15 tracks on the official NEO soundtrack

  • “Light it Up”: Caleb Hyles and Jonathan Young
  • “The Future is Bright”: Genuine and Zac Zinger
  • “One With Phyrexia”: Jonathan Young feat. Matthew K. Heafy
  • “The Neon Riverside”: Insaneintherainmusic feat. Zac Zinger
  • “Tasukete”: Matthew K. Heafy and Jonathan Young
  • “Lost Aura”: Genuine, Tomoko Akaboshi & Zac Zinger
  • “Dearest Friend”: Matthew K. Heafy and Jonathan Young
  • “Shadow of Boseiju”: Amie Waters
  • “The Spark Inside”: Matthew K. Heafy and Jonathan Young
  • “And We Glow”: Genuine
  • “Neon Streets”: Michelle Heafy and Jonathan Young
  • “Argon Reflection”: Tre Watson feat. Matthew K. Heafy
  • “Lands of Kamigawa”: Genuine and Zac Zinger
  • “Path to Victory”: Or3o, Genuine, Zac Zinger, and Tomoko Akaboshi
  • “Mechanical”: Matthew K. Heafy and Jonathan Young