Magic Online Champions Showcase concludes 2020 season with 2 days of play

Season two and season three champions will be crowned.

Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic the Gathering

The Magic Online Championship Showcase continues this weekend with two eight-person brackets to conclude the 2020 Premier Play season.

The 16 competitors will compete in Modern constructed and Vintage Cube draft across four rounds of play. Vintage Cube is a draftable collection of curated cards from throughout the history of Magic which includes main expansions and supplementary sets.

If the same player wins both draft and Modern they become champion. Otherwise, the winner of draft and Modern will play in a single-elimination game of Modern to determine the champion.

March 13 to 14 will each hold a championship bracket for one season of 2020 Premier Play. Both brackets will play the same formats and compete for the same prize pool. First place wins $20,000 of the $70,000 prize pool per bracket.

Saturday holds the season two bracket with eight players that qualified by excelling in various Magic formats. The season two players are:

  • Adam Cines
  • Antonio Del Moral Leon
  • Dylan Donegan
  • Martin-Eric Gauthier
  • Justin Gennari
  • Daniel Goetschel
  • Devon O’Donnell
  • Tetsushi Sawada

Season three has its own eight player bracket including the Rivals League’s Bernardo Santos. The season three players are:

  • Keisuke Komatsu
  • Daria Martins
  • Jan-Moritz Merkel
  • Lukasz Przekora
  • Toru Saito
  • Bernardo Santos
  • Daniel Toledo
  • Peter Ward

Season one champion Kazuya Takuwa earned his title in November with a 3-3 record and his Modern Mono-Red Burn list taking him past the finish line.

The two-day event starts this weekend on the Magic Twitch Channel and is the last major event before the Kaldheim Championship on March 26 to 28.