Kanister and PVDDR hit top 8 at MTG Players Tour Brussels

Seven different decks will battle it out in the top eight.

MTG Players Tour Brussels day one standings
Screengrab via Magic Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/magic

Day two of the first Magic: The Gathering Players Tour of the 2020 partial season wrapped up this afternoon with several top pros from around the world making it into the top eight. 

Juan Jose Rodríguez López began day two at PT Brussels undefeated and went a total of 13 rounds before taking a loss. But he still managed to place second in the top eight, alongside Magic Pro League players Piotr “Kanister” Glogowski and Paulo Vitor Damo “PVDDR” da Rosa.  

Here are the top eight players following day two of PT Brussels:

  • Mattia Rizzi: Bant Spirits
  • Juan Jose Rodríguez López: Mono-Red Aggro
  • Piotr “Kanister” Glogowski: Dimir Inverter
  • Brent Vos: Lotus Breach
  • Zhiyang Zhang: Mono-Black
  • Valerio Luminati: Bant Spirits
  • Paulo Vitor Damo “PVDDR” da Rosa: Niv to Light
  • Joel Larson: Sultai Delirium

The final rounds of Pioneer Constructed at PT Brussels were intense, with Bernado Torres and Mythic Championship IV champion Thoralf Severin getting bumped from the top eight after round 16 losses. But sliding in eighth place was Larson, playing a unique and powerful Sultai Delirium build. 

Kanister also had an amazing run today, showcasing his Dimir Inverter build that was the second most-played deck during day two of PT Brussels. And PVDRR kept his winning streak going with the third most-played deck during the second day, Niv to Light. 

A total of 384 competitors qualified or were invited to Players Tour Brussels. But only eight remain, each having earned a seat at the MTG Players Tour Finals in April. Coverage of the top-eight single-elimination playoffs begins tomorrow at 2am CT, with the competitors seeking a piece of the $200,000 prize pool.