How to watch the MTG Throne of Eldraine streamer event

Get a sneak peek of the top decks and cards to play.

Magic The Gathering Throne of Eldraine
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

The release of the Throne of Eldraine set is just a few days away and Magic: The Gathering streamers are playtesting it via an MTG Arena streamer event. 

The MTGA streamer event is a chance for Magic players to get a sneak peek of the new Throne of Eldraine (ELD) set in action via Standard Constructed or Limited (Sealed). The event will feature dozens of MTG streamers and run from Sept. 24 at 10am CT to Sept. 25 at 8am CT. 

Various MTG streamers have received early access with previous sets and may start before the 10am CT launch time on Sept. 24. The list of participating Magic streamers typically shows up in the MTG Arena forums on the day of the event, but there are a few top MTG streamers who most fans should spend time watching.

The MTG Twitch channel will also feature various streamers over the course of 22 hours during the MTGA ELD streaming event.

Many of the streamers participating in the MTG Arena event are building decks today (Sept. 23), taking advice from their followers and chat. From Knight tribal decks to Esper Control and more, today is all about deck construction and speculation over the top ELD cards in Standard and Limited. 

The Throne of Eldraine set releases via MTG Arena on Sept. 26 and will have a Limited Sealed event to kick off its launch. The official release date of ELD is Oct. 4 with a pre-release Sealed event from Sept. 27 to 29.