Who to watch during the MTGA Throne of Eldraine streamer event

Don’t miss the chance to watch these top streamers test ELD.

MTG Arena Streamer Event ELD
Image via Wizards of the Coast Magic: The Gathering

Wizards of the Coast is hosting a streamer event via MTG Arena featuring the newest Magic: The Gathering set, Throne of Eldraine (ELD). 

The release of ELD is only a few days away and WotC is running an MTGA streamer event to give the community a sneak peek at all of the top cards in the set. Dozens of streamers will be picking apart ELD in Standard and Limited Sealed from Sept. 24 at 10am CT to Sept. 25 at 8am CT.

It might not be possible to watch them all, but here are a few Magic streamers who everyone should try to watch during this event.

Kacem “Noxious” Khilaji

On any given day, Noxious leads the MTGA pack with the most viewers on Twitch. Noxious will typically have several decks prepared for the MTG Arena Streamer event, including fun jank and builds recommended by his followers. 

William “Huey” Jensen

If you’re looking for MTG knowledge, Huey is the man to get it from. As an MPL player who’s been in the competitive Magic scene for over two decades, Huey is a fountain of knowledge waiting to be tapped. 

Gaby Sparks

Gaby Sparks knows a thing or two about MTG. Her streams are always positive thanks to her calming and joyous personality and she won’t hesitate to answer a question from chat. 

Brad “FFfreakMTG” Nelson

Tearing up the MPL and finishing second in Mythic Championship III, Nelson is playtesting a Niv-Mizzet deck and UG Flash.

Stanislav “Stancifka” Cifka

Stancifka doesn’t stream MTG Arena on a consistent basis, but when he does, it’s worth watching. Known for helping create several top decks in Standard (Kethis Combo), Stancifka is sure to have a few builds and combos he wants to share from the ELD set. 

Kenji “Numotthenummy”  Egashira

Numotthenummy is a self-taught MTG player with a deep insight into the game. Much like Noxious, expect Numotthenummy to have a variety of ELD decks ready to go tomorrow. 

Reid “reiderrabit” Duke

Recently inducted into the MTG Hall of Fame, reiderrabit is entertaining and extremely knowledgeable. Reiderrabit will likely test out some ELD Limited Sealed play and possible a Standard Constructed deck or two, making him a streamer you want to miss watching. 


Amazonian consistently streams high-quality MTG Arena content week in and week out. She’s always courteous to new followers and chat, so don’t be afraid to ask her anything about the ELD set.