How to watch the MTG Innistrad Championship

The road to 2022 Worlds begins with the Innistrad Championship.

Image via WotC

The first major tournament of the Magic: The Gathering 2021-2022 season and the road to Worlds begin with the Innistrad Championship in December with MTG Arena.

Scheduled to take place from Dec. 3 to 5, the Innistrad Championship will showcase over 250 of the top Magic players from around the world\. All MPL and Rivals League members will compete in the season’s first major tournament to earn qualifying points for the 2022 Magic World Championship.  

Innistrad Championship broadcast

Wizards of the Coast will host a broadcast for the upcoming Innistrad Championship on all three days of competition via Twitch, starting at 11am CT. Casting the event are MTG veterans Maria Bartholdi, Mani Davoudi, Marshall Sutcliffe, Paul Cheon, Eilidh Lonie, Corey Baumeister, and Cedric Phillips.  


Players will compete within the Standard and Historic formats throughout the first two days of competition at the Innistrad Championship. All matches are best-of-three, except for the title match. 

  • Dec. 3: Rounds one to three are in the Historic Constructed format, and rounds four to seven are in the Standard Constructed format. 
  • Dec. 4: Rounds eight to 11 are in the Historic Constructed format, and rounds 12 to 15 are in the Standard Constructed format. 
  • Dec. 5: The final day of the Innistrad Championship will feature a top eight upper and lower bracket playoff in the Historic Constructed format. The title match is a best of three games, as opposed to best-of-three matches. 

The Innistrad Championship will take place from Dec. 3 to 5 via MTG Arena. Fans can watch the action unfold on the main Twitch broadcast, starting at 11am CT each day. Players will earn qualifying points and compete for a slice of the total $450,000 prize pool.