MTG’s 2021-2022 Worlds increased to 32 competitors with plans for in-person gameplay

Twice the players, twice the hype.

Image via WotC

The Magic: The Gathering 2021-2022 World Championship will jump up from 16 to 32 players, Wizards of the Coast announced today. WotC also revealed how those players can qualify to compete at Worlds. 

Scheduled to take place sometime in the fall of 2022, the Magic World Championship will feature a total of 32 players at an in-person event. Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, recent World Championships have been played on MTG Arena. An in-person Worlds tournament remains the goal for WotC and more information on that will be released later in 2022.

“Our vision for the World Championship continues to be a celebration of global competitive play that takes place at an in-person event,” WotC said.

An increase in the number of competitors at the 2021-2022 Magic World Championship will result in more players being able to qualify for the global tournament. Players can earn an invite to Worlds via qualifier points or top finishes at one of three championship events. 

  • Players who finish in the top six at the Innistrad, Neon Dynasty, and New Capenna championship.
  • Top five MPL and Rivals League players based on qualifying points.
  • Top eight non-MPL and non-Rivals League players based on qualifying points.
  • One invitation to the player with the most qualifying points.
  • Previous MTG world champion.

Qualifying points are earned at each of the three championship events, with additional points rewarded to the top-eight players at those tournaments. The first tournament of the season, the Innistrad Championship, will take place from Dec. 3 to 5. 

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