How to watch the Magic Online 2022 Championship Showcase

Discover the power and excitement of Magic formats that aren't Standard or Historic.

Image via WotC

A total of eight Magic: The Gathering players will compete within the Modern and Vintage Cube formats via the Magic Online 2022 Championship Showcase.

The MTG formats Vintage Cube and Modern take center stage on Feb. 26 at the 2022 Magic Online Championship Showcase, which features a total prize pool of $70,000. Fans can watch the main broadcast on the Magic Twitch channel starting at 12pm CT. Casting the third Magic Online Championship Showcase event are veteran casters and MTG players Luis Scott-Vargas, Cedric Phillips, and Carmen Handy. 

A total of eight players will compete in the tournament by qualifying in championships, open qualifiers, and the leaderboard. 

  • Piotr “Kanister” Głogowski: Legacy champion
  • Thomas “Stainerson” Ashton: Leaderboard
  • Sean “Beekeeper” Goddard: Open qualifier
  • Wojciech “Xerk” Kowalczuk: Pioneer champion
  • David “Tangrams” Inglis: Open qualifier
  • Nathan Steuer: Pauper champion
  • Robert “Bob49” Steiner: Modern champion
  • Muhan “Beenew” Yu: Leaderboard

Players will compete in a Vintage Cube Draft first at the Magic Online 2022 Championship Showcase. Following the Draft rounds, are three rounds of gameplay in the Modern Constructed format via best-of-three matches. Winners from each event will battle it out in a best-of-three playoff match within the Modern Constructed format to determine a champion. 

Should an MTG player win both format events, they become the Showcase champion. In addition to taking home $20,000, the Magic Online Championship Showcase winner will also earn an invite to the MTG Arena New Capenna Championship event later this year.