How to watch MTG Streets of New Capenna Loading Ready Run prerelease

Discover what the New Capenna prerelease events have to offer so you don't get stuck swimming with the fishes.

Image via WotC

Loading Ready Run is stepping up its Magic: The Gathering tabletop pre-prerelease event for Streets of New Capenna with two special guests and a first look at Sealed gameplay for the upcoming Standard-legal set. 

The official Streets of New Capenna prerelease events start on April 22. But Magic players can get a sneak peek of the set via the Loading Ready Run (LLR) pre-prelease event taking place on April 16. The show will be streamed live on Twitch starting at 1pm CT and include Marshall Sutcliffe and Kenji “Numothenummy” Egashira. This is the first time the LLR crew has had special guests on an MTG pre-prerelease show in a couple of years. 

LLR pre-prerelease streams typically include some prerecorded videos to help viewers understand the SNC Sealed format and will also showcase each guest putting together their deck prior to gameplay. 

The New Capenna prerelease is different than previous MTG sets, showcasing SNC prerelease packs that contain four Draft boosters and one family booster pack that contains cards synergistic with one of the five crime families who run the city of New Capenna. Each of the families has its own mechanic and crafting decks isn’t limited to just three colors.

Fans who miss out on the LLR pre-prerelease Twitch stream on April 16 can watch the SNC Sealed gameplay unfold on YouTube, typically a day or two after the livestream occurs.