How to watch MTG Kaldheim League weekend

Watch the Standard meta unfold among the best players from around the world.

Image via WotC

Competitive gameplay in Magic: The Gathering continues with the second League weekend of 2021, showcasing 70 of the best players from around the globe.

Scheduled to take place from Feb. 27 to 28, the Kaldheim weekend tournament will feature gameplay in a best-of-three Standard Constructed format. Coverage of the MTG tournament begins at 10am CT via the Magic Twitch channel with veteran broadcasters like Riley Knight, Mani Davoudi, Eilidh Lonie, Corey Baumeister, and Tim Willoughby at the helm. 

  • Riley Knight: Play-by-play coverage
  • Mani Davoudi: Expert
  • Eilidh Lonie: Play-by-play coverage
  • Corey Baumeister: Expert
  • Tim Willoughby: Host

Coverage of the Kaldheim League weekend split features Rival League players facing off on Feb. 27 and Magic Pro League players competing on Feb. 28. Both Rivals League and MPL players will compete for a total prize pool of $50,000 per league. There are a total of three splits—Zendikar Rising, Kaldheim, and Strixhaven—leading up to the Kaldheim Championship on March 26 to 28. 

Here are the Feb. 27 Kaldheim League weekend featured matches, showcasing the Rivals League players.

  • Shintaro Ishimura vs. Luca Magni at 10:10am CT
  • Mike Sigrist vs. Zachary Kilhne at 11:20am CT
  • Corey Burkhart vs. Matt Sperling at 12:30pm CT
  • Jakub Tóth vs. Alexander Hayne at 1:40pm CT
  • Luis Scott-Vargas vs. Ivan Floch at 2:50pm CT
  • Eli Kassis vs. Stanislav Cifka at 4pm CT

Here are the Feb. 28 Kaldheim League weekend featured matches between MPL players. 

  • Andrea Mengucci vs. Rei Sato at 10:10am CT
  • Jean-Emmanuel Depraz vs. Ondřej Stráský at 11:20am CT
  • Brian Braun-Duin vs. Reid Duke at 12:30pm CT
  • Brad Nelson vs. Martin Jůza at 1:40pm CT
  • Seth Manfield vs. Javier Dominguez at 2:50pm CT
  • Paulo Victor Damo da Rosa vs. Gabriel Nassif at 4pm CT

Wizards of the Coast will also provide “additional coverage” via six individual streams of Rivals League and MPL player matches. The official MTG Kaldheim League weekend broadcast will begin on Feb. 27 and 28 at 10am CT via Twitch.